Lists of 3

I noticed I like to do things in 3’s.  It’s my favorite number, though I don’t know why.  Maybe because my middle name starts with an E which looks like 3?  Because visually, it’s just so appealing?  Who knows.  I’m just going to keep on doing my lists of 3’s.  Though I guess 3 things don’t really constitute a whole list, more like a few things I lump together in my brain.

Three Books I’m Currently and/or Plan On Reading:

1. Mythology by Edith Hamilton (link)

I’ve always loved mythology, especially Ancient Greek mythology.  Hamilton’s book is considered a standard classic among those who are Greek mythology buffs but remarkably I haven’t read it.  Until now!  I bought it for only $1.00 at The Last Bookstore (link) in Downtown Los Angeles.  It’s a really awesome bookstore and I would have loved to browse longer, but there was a live rock band playing inside for July’s ArtWalk (shame on you if you live in LA and don’t know what that is; here’s a link) and all I wanted to do is get out to save my ear drums.  I love rock concerts, but I usually can’t stand too close to the speakers.  The bookstore was like a giant echo chamber.

2. Cantonese Yankee by Louise Su Tang (link)

Here I’m going to do a little shameless PR; Mrs. Tang is actually my very own grandmother, and this self-published novel is the product of 15+ years of love, sweat, and hard research.  Roughly 150 years ago, China sent 120 boys over to America to study Western technology and culture (more info can be found here, or you could just read the book.)  Two of my grandmother’s grandpas were in this group, and she wrote a fictionalized account about one of them.  Though I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say it’s the best book ever, I feel it’s important to read not only to support my grandmother and to get a sense of my own personal background, but because this is a pretty interesting point of forgotten history that is even more pertinent in light of the interesting relationship between China and America today.

3. A Song of Fire and Ice by George.R.R. Martin (link) and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (link)

I lumped these two together because they’re both series that I haven’t even tried to begin.  THG because it’s always checked out in the library and I usually don’t buy books unless I’m positive I want it, and ASOFAI because it’s SO FRIGGIN’ LONG.  Not that that’s ever turned me away from a series, but I just haven’t had the time to settle down with a meaty book knowing that I’ll have plenty of time to read it.  I don’t.  I could, if I chose to stop looking for jobs, but sadly, earthly matters such as paying the rent takes precedence over reading a fantasy series.

That said, it’s been so long since I’ve read a really good fantasy book, and I’m really eager to get back into the genre, since I am a semi-aspiring fantasy writer myself.  Not to worry, nothing I write will be finished for at least another decade at the rate I’m writing (aka not writing at all lately.)


4 thoughts on “Lists of 3

  1. Shoot I was trying to find a copy of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology used, but failed to (since I’m TA’ing Classical Mythology)… Though by trying, I really mean I looked in one used bookstore in Glendale and didn’t find it… Hope it is lovely; you can teach me everything you know about greek myth.

    • If you can spare a break from cramming Latin, check out The Last Bookstore- they have shelves devoted to mythology 🙂 I didn’t see anything indicating that my book was used (why else would it be so cheap?) but it looks brand new!

  2. I’ve only read the last two. I bought THG from Costco for $5 for the same reason you mentioned – it’s basically impossible to get it from the library haha. I read up to about halfway through the fourth book for ASOIAF – it’s a big time commitment, but really good once you get into them (sure you’ve already heard this). If you can make it to the third book, it’s MAJORLY EPIC (!) and I’m not necessarily a huge fantasy buff.

    I know you’re an English major, but I didn’t know you were into creative writing, especially fantasy (maybe I’m just a bad friend…)! I will buy all your works when they are published!!!

    • Don’t worry, this declaration of my writing passion is a major leap for me- I jealously guard all my work, as I am too afraid of actually showing anyone haha. The only person who has actually read the bulk of it is my brother, and that’s only because he stumbled across it in my room and then stole it away from me. Someday I’ll get him for that…

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