National Book Week (and I like sentences)

I was planning on blogging about music this time, since based on my entry history it seems that all I ever do is read (so not true). Music is a HUGE part of my life.

But I saw on some people’s Facebook statuses that apparently, it’s National Book Week. I didn’t know we had one (what a good English major I am). Apparently, you have to go to the book nearest to you, go to page 56 and write out the 5th sentence as part of your status. Well, I usually don’t do “chain” statuses but I thought it was a fun little thing, so I decided to report my findings here. Except I’m going to be different and do several books, because why not?

These books just happened to be in a stack near me, all from the same class with the topic of “identity tourism.” I started counting from the first full sentence on the page (aka I didn’t count an incomplete sentence as #1). In a streak of rebelliousness, I picked four books, not three.

1. “Instead she was tuned in to a program in the Net of lights and shapes that formed on her closed eyes, vaguely watery, shimmering grays, greens, bronzes.”

2. “Loneliness, like the sea-breeze, blowing off from a thousand leagues of blankness, he did not find, as veteran soldiers do, if anything, too bracing.”

3. “They shoved me aside with a cry of “Sauve-toi, idiot!” (Google translator says: “Save yourself, idiot!”)

4. “About the time that Wilson was bowing the committee out, Pembroke Howard was entering the next house to report.”

It’s interesting to see the patterns emerge even in these four brief sentences:

  • Only one mentions character names.
  • Two use commas liberally. (My freshman roommate said I was comma-happy. I think that’s the difference between a history major and an English major- English majors use way more commas in papers. Or maybe history majors just need to loosen up a bit. Just kidding.)
  • Only one has dialogue.
Aren’t books awesome? I think so. Look at me, I’m geeking out over sentences. Actually, one of these books I couldn’t even finish halfway because the writing style was just so long and winded and in general, I’m not a huge fan of the author. But I do like the sentence that ended up being chosen- too bad I didn’t have the time to read that book a sentence a day.
Next post I promise I’ll write about music! I’m itching to share my summer playlist.

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