Musical Association

Today’s a shorter post, but hopefully there’s no shortage of insights on the wonderfully mysterious world that is my mind.  One of my readers suggested (more like insisted) that I write about crafts on my blog, that I am not crafty enough.  To this I say: have you actually ever seen me doing anything involving glue, glitter, and/or felt in the last few years that was for a project I invented and decided to execute, just for the fun of it?  No.

Truthfully, I’m not terribly creative when it comes to handicrafts.  I learned how to knit (twice) and have forgotten how both times, I can only do basic sewing by hand like altering and mending, and I can cut simple snowflakes and paper lanterns.  That’s it.  Though I can make a mean balloon dog, but that’s not exactly crafty.  I promise you, this blog would die a swift and painful death if I tried blogging about my crafting experiments.  So nay to a crafts entry.

But onto something I do like, and that’s music!  When I like a song/album, I really like it.  Like listening to it nonstop for hours liking.  But usually that’s only when I stayed up all night writing a paper (due the next day, of course- old habits die hard).  I need music to keep me awake and focused when I’m up at 4 AM, and I don’t want to be bothered with skipping songs I’m not in the mood to listen to.  Sites like are a godsend to me because it simply puts on a favorite song and continuously repeats it.

Sometimes when I go travelling, I get hooked on a particular album, and I’ll listen to it for the majority of my trip.  And then that album becomes forever connected to that place in my mind.  Off the top of my head, I can think of three such musical associations (and I swear I didn’t just pick three to keep it consistent with the rest of my lists!)

3 Album-Location Associations

1. Alaska 2005- Employment by Kaiser Chiefs

2. Kau’ai 2006 (and a little bit of China 2007)- Under the Iron Sea by Keane

3. Spain 2011- Music for Men by Gossip

Dunno why they struck my fancy at the time, but they did.  So now whenever I hear any song from these albums, my mind immediately conjures up memories from these trips.


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