90’s Nostalgia and Scallion Pancakes

It’s the weekend, so prepare yourself for a nice long post.

I went to a 90’s themed party last night, which made me feel super old.  Were the 90’s so long ago that we can already have themed parties about it?  Apparently yes.  As I was thinking about what to wear, I realized that in the 90’s, I had no real conception of style.  I’m pretty sure I wore whatever my mom bought for me.  Anyways, they went all out and got 90’s snacks (like Fruit by the Foot) and of all things, Squeeze-its.  I used to love those things as a kid.  I haven’t seen them in the grocery store for so long, so I’m a little suspicious about the expiration date on them, but I haven’t died yet.  Anyways, drinking one last night, I don’t know why I ever liked them because they taste AWFUL.  Like watered down Kool-Aid.

Speaking of nostalgia, I’m slowly starting to clean out the house that I’ve been living in for the last three years, and it’s a little bittersweet.  I’m happy to move out because the management sucks, but it’s a little weird to move out permanently.  For the last three years, I’ve moved out in the summer knowing that I’ll be back in the fall, but this time around, I won’t be coming back.  I’ve had the same room and taking down all my decorations made me sad and also returned my room to its bare, cell-like state it was in prior to my arrival. But change is good, as is moving on with the next stage of my life (which will happen when a job comes my way which is hopefully soon!)

Building off of the nostalgia theme, today I made something I love to eat and have always been interested in making, but just never got around to it: green onion pancakes, a staple at Chinese restaurants.

I used this recipe, and only substituted kosher salt with regular salt because I didn’t have any kosher salt.  Also, you might notice that I have way more than one bunch of green onions, but that’s because the Korean market I go to had a sale for 3 bunches for $0.99.  I love Asian grocery stores.  Everything is so cheap but still of decent quality.  Plus, I like a lot of green onions in my pancakes.

Please enjoy a few photos that I took while making them (which is not an easy thing to do when your hands are covered in oil):

They turned out pretty good, considering that this was my first time making them.   I like to eat mine with rice porridge or in today’s case, a dipping sauce of soy sauce and vinegar, a mixture that only partially takes the place of the black vinegar we use at home.  It took me about 2.5 hours to make and the recipe made 8 medium pancakes.

Some things that I noted while making them:

1. Although lots of green onions are good, you can’t put too many in your dough or else when you roll out the pancakes, the heavy onions will fall out and make holes.

2. You think you’ve used enough oil?  You haven’t.  There’s a good reason why the literal meaning of the Chinese name is “green onion oily cake.”  I found that in order for the dough not to stick to the pan, my hands, the rolling pin, etc. I had to brush oil on every surface after every batch of dough.  You can try to get away with using less oil, but good luck not having it stick to everything.

3. You should roll out the dough to be as thin as you can without ripping it.  I didn’t roll it out too much the first time and while the pancake was still tasty, it was a little too dense.

Don’t get too used to food entries, because I’m definitely not a foodie, but they’ll show up every once in a while.


One thought on “90’s Nostalgia and Scallion Pancakes

  1. I was looking at one of my seester’s yearbooks today (2000) and it was striking to me how almost all of the women had the same haircut/make up, and that it was easily identifiable as “90s” style. I never really thought of the year 2000 as a long time ago until today 🙂

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