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To give you a break from my last impossibly long blog post:

Went to a trivia night last night and surprisingly, my team won 2nd runner up (Honestly, 3rd place just sounds better.) There were about 9-10 other teams (hard to see) so I was happily surprised when we actually placed. Did you know hopscotch is called kith-kith in India?  I did not.  Did you know that the original title for our national anthem is “The Defense of Ft. McHenry?”  I did not.  Did you know that AJ, Nick, Brian, and Howie are members of the Backstreet Boys?  I most definitely did.  But they neglected to list Kevin as one of the members, which broke my heart, because I love Kevin, even if he isn’t technically part of the group right now.  I have a weakness for bass vocals.  Or as my friend said, “You like Kevin?  My 65 year old aunt likes Kevin.”  So I guess I have interests on par with senior citizens.  That makes sense, seeing as I have a love for playing with genealogy software and drawing family trees.

I’m getting a little burnt out from this endless job hunt; it’s like writing an essay with no deadline, but you have to keep submitting papers all the time, and you don’t know if your professor is even reading them.  Now that’s an English major hell.  Sometimes I wondered why I was an English major, since I clearly didn’t enjoy writing papers, as evidenced by my many Oh-it’s-6 AM-but-I’m-still-short-a-page and the countless cartons that I devoured of Ben & Jerry’s “Everything but the…” (best essay ice cream ever!).  But I have to admit, a well-written essay is highly satisfying to turn in.  And even better to receive with a nice grade on it!  If only I could be a professional food-tasting, novel-reading, family tree-making, world famous rock star.  Actually, let’s start from square one.  If only I had a job.


One thought on “Untitled #1

  1. BSB ❤ Yes, I definitely knew all five members and watched/listened to everything of theirs up till Black & Blue. 🙂 And I'm with you on the job hunt. Don't worry, you'll find something soon…think of this time as an opportunity to fulfill those dreams you mentioned 🙂

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