I Hate Technology

Sometimes.  Obviously, if I hated all of it I wouldn’t be blogging.

But today, as shameful as it might sound, I got my ass kicked by our work printer.  It’s one of those behemoth printer/scanner/fax machine/booklet maker/giant box with a million doors that you have to open when something gets jammed/paper eater things.

We depend so much on technology that it’s like the world ends when even something as small as a printer fails.  I mean, in the grand scheme of life, it’s very inconsequential.  A nuclear power plant going down?  It’s a big deal on a macro level.  A home’s electricity going out?  Pretty big on a micro level if it’s hot and you have food in the fridge.  A printer not printing something?  Not so big.

But in today’s case, it was very consequential.  It was really important that I photocopied and printed my work today because it needs to go through revisions and then printed and assembled by next week, but what normally would take me an hour at most took about four.  Every time the printer inexplicably decided not to print what I wanted, or to photocopy something that I didn’t put in the machine, or get jammed FIVE TIMES IN A ROW, I felt my blood pressure rise just a little bit.

This post is turning into a rant at an innocent printer, but let me assure you: this printer is the bane of everyone in the office, and if I knew that there wouldn’t be repercussions, I would have kicked the crap out of that evil thing.  I hate how I was so dependent on that printer so that the whole day I was incapacitated and behind on my work and frustrated.  I bet you it actually has a brain and it’s sole purpose in life is to eat my paper.

And that’s the end of my ranting.  Don’t get me wrong; I will be the first to extol the wonders and virtues of technology.  I love totally unnecessary things like heated toilet seats and voice control on my iPhone (Actually, the iPhone itself is kinda unnecessary; I don’t really need all those games…).

On an unrelated note: I  found a 2 pence piece at the bottom of my backpack this morning.  Random?  Very.  I haven’t been to England since 2007 so who knows where it came from…


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