Happy Birthday to Me

As some of you may know, it is my birthday today (well it was, when I started to write this post…now it’s the day after.)  You might wonder why I’m blogging on my birthday, but I find it relaxing and anyways, it’s my birthday so as they say… I do what I want!

Though my birthday itself was fairly uneventful, some of my dearest and best friends since middle school came up to stay the weekend with me and later on two friends who were in parts distant called.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I think I especially appreciated their presence (physical and vocal) because this past month I’ve been living by myself in a half abandoned college town.  Even though I love my solitude, I’m really a people person.  And without human interaction (namely hugs and giggles and the disclosure of information that only your closest friends would understand without judgment), I’m just not myself.  Though I think that’s true for most people.

Obviously I won’t tell what I wished for (because then it won’t come true!) but if you’re smart, you can probably narrow it down to about 2-3 things.  And then you should make a wish for me in lieu of a birthday present because you can always use more minds wishing for the same thing.

I treated myself to sleeping in and eating horribly today.  I had TWO packs of ramen and dumplings for lunch and then I made some more scallion pancakes (which looked a whole lot better this time around!).  Huzzah for glorious starch!  I wish I was the mastermind who thought up ramen (no, that wasn’t my birthday wish).

Thank you to everyone for their heartfelt birthday wishes and Happy Birthday to my friend whose birthday happens to be the day after mine!  May all of your wishes come true, because you deserve it.

Birthday brownies with melting “Happy Birthday” candles

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