Back into the Oven

I’m a haphazard baker, I’ve realized.  I’m too impatient to carefully sift and level out measurements, so I just kind of shake things into cups and eyeball the amounts.  I realize that baking is more of a precise art than cooking; you add too much of one ingredient, and it might irrevocably alter the chemical makeup of your food, thus ruining its shape/texture/taste/etc.  But I continue on my merry way, leaving flour and butter all over the counters, but keeping my clothing miraculously spotless without the help of an apron.  Because it’s always easier to clean a spot off the stove than it is on your shirt, right?

I made those delicious peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies that I blogged about previously.  This time I didn’t rely on whatever what was left in the house, which would have yielded very sad cookies indeed, seeing as I had no chocolate chips or sugar or butter left.

I made three batches this time for a baby shower and for a while my house turned into a cookie factory:

Cookie Conveyer Belt

Although my efforts might have been less than precise, they came out beautifully again and again everyone RAVED about them.  I might need to consider a career in baking, if this is the response I get for just simple cookies.

My Buttery Goodness Playlist That I Concocted on The Fly:

Lots of butter and solid beats were the order of the day.  I wanted rich vocals layered amongst rhythms that could soothingly accompany a late night baking session, but upbeat enough to keep me awake!

1. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell- One of those songs that simply demand to be sung aloud while you do a silly little dance.

2. “Shark in the Water” by V.V. Brown

3. “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations- Really only added this because it had “butter” in the title, although it still is a pretty awesome song.

4. “What I Know” by Parachute

5. “Eres Tú” by Kany Garcia

6. “Save Room” by John Legend

7. “Touché mon Amour” by Winterplay- A fabulous jazz group from South Korea.

8. “Sunday Table” by Pink Martini- my grandparents actually introduced me to this group, which puts a modern, international spin on the big band sound.  People guffaw (I love that word) when I tell them I get things from my grandparents, but I know you’re just secretly jealous that I have such cool ones who have awesome taste in fashion and music.  I often raid my grandmother’s closet and I always get compliments on the things I fish out.  Favorite steals: her drool-worthy selection of high heels.  I’ve scored some fabulous finds, like Calvin Klein boots, her Italian leather stilettos, a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels that I called her “Cinderella Shoes” because they’re silvery and sparkly….I’ll stop rhapsodizing over them.  This has nothing to do with Pink Martini.  Or does it?


2 thoughts on “Back into the Oven

  1. I have the same bowl at home, except in red-orange! 🙂

    Yay! I actually know some of the songs on your list, and I approve 😛 I love “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,””Build Me Up Buttercup,” and “Save Room.” And coincidentally, I just listened to your whole Pink Martini CD this afternoon before you posted this.

  2. Lolz all I can remember is the time we were baking at my house (I don’t remember what) and you INSISTED we use the flour sifter and then you broke it. Welcome to the lazy side of baking! Whoever can make stuff using the least amount of dishes/cooking utensils wins 😉

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