The Volunteer Spirit

Just got home from another evening of standing around in heels; I volunteered to help out at another benefit dinner, this time held at a very posh club (not sure if I’m allowed to say the name, seeing as it is a “private” club and I’m not a member).  Regardless, it was very nice and although I felt dressed up in my evening gown (yet another dress from my grandmother’s closet) while I was driving the streets of LA, once I stepped inside, I felt a tad under-dressed.  Maybe because I never bother to style my hair, although I can say honestly that I’m not very good at doing anything fancier than a bun.  I brush it a bit and that’s my idea of making my head look respectable.

Though it was another nonprofit organization’s dinner, there was no lack of semi-famous/local celebrities.  I saw a NY Times Best Selling author, a designer with a bevy of models (his designs were beautiful but the outfit he wore looked a little like something Lady Gaga might wear, though it was still much too tame for her), and plenty of elegantly dressed people eager to bid on some pretty pricey silent auction items.  I met some interesting people and a few board members, so who knows what might pan out for me?  I’ve certainly been volunteering long enough with the organization.

Several waiters floated around with drinks and appetizers, and I amused myself by imaging what they were like in the real world, outside of their white tuxedos and bow ties.  I’m pretty sure that waiting was just a side gig for some of them.  I love people watching, especially those who aren’t necessarily the focus of attention, like waiters at an event, the ensemble members of a play, or background dancers in a music video.  Watching them (when they think they aren’t being watched) is sometimes more interesting than watching the star.

I’m off to China tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to post while I’m there.  If not, then just be prepared for a flood of posts when I return.  See you in two weeks!



2 thoughts on “The Volunteer Spirit

  1. Volunteering at this organization will never be the same without me! 🙂

    “Watching them (when they think they aren’t being watched)…” <– stalker hahahahaha

    Have fun in China!

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