It’s a Small World

Even though I’ve been trotting around the globe for some years now, I still find it amazing that I can be shopping along a busy avenue in Shanghai in the morning and after a plane ride, go eat hamburgers back in LA for dinner.  The world is a much smaller place thanks to modern travel, and it’s so easy now to talk to all my international friends with the help of Facebook, Skype, etc.  I’m lucky enough to have opportunities like this to see the world and I try to make the most of each and every second that I’m abroad.

The funny thing about traveling is that after a few weeks, I’m ready to go home.  Unless I know I’m going to be staying put in a place for a while, I get homesick.  I don’t want to depend on a taxi for a ride, I don’t want to sleep in a hotel room, and I don’t want to eat any more restaurant food, no matter how good it is.  There are some things that you just can’t replicate.  But then as soon as I get home, I miss being abroad.  Like now, for instance.  I miss Shanghai profoundly, even though I was only there for 2 weeks.  I want to learn more, go exploring, try some crazy foods.  I’m already nostalgic for the sights and sounds (not so much the smells).  Alas, it will have to wait for the next time I visit.

I almost forgot that Halloween was here; in China, it’s really not a big deal and it was only when I saw a few pumpkin streamers on a storefront did I realize that it was the end of October.  I have to say, it’s nice not having a holiday shoved down your throat at every turn.  I can remember that Christmas is coming soon all by myself, thank you very much.  I don’t want to see twinkly lights and reindeer for sale in September!

Here’s the last batch of pictures for you.  If I’m ambitious enough, I’ll put together an album and post the link here.  But I still have to do that for Spain and that was in June…

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