Feeling Bookish

Let’s talk about books, shall we?  Haven’t discussed any in a while, and I finished one and a half while in China and I’ve started 2 more since coming home.  It’s not that I can’t finish one book before starting another,  but I get easily distracted with a new book that sounds interesting, so if I have time to read, then I’ve got at least 3-4 books that I read in rotation (aka whichever one is closest to where I decided to sit).

I finished The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo in China; a poor shepherd goes in search of a treasure and ends up discovering what Coehlo calls his “Personal Legend.”  It is a path and a goal that everyone has (though it varies of course from person to person), but unfortunately, not everyone is willing to see it and go in search of it due to a variety of reasons, including laziness, fear, and uncertainty.  I picked the book up mostly because my mom had brought it along on the plane, and though I’m not one to usually read books that have an obvious moral or life lesson, this book made me wonder: What if I missed some important omen in my life that prevented me from realizing what my Personal Legend was?  Or is an omen sitting right in front of me, and I’m just too blind/stubborn to see it?  Frankly, if I could somehow find the patience and willpower to finish the novel I’ve been working on, I would definitely try and get it published.  As it is, it’s nowhere near competition so I guess that Personal Legend will just have to wait a little while longer.

Other books that I’ve scattered throughout the house: got through half of my grandmother’s book (see my previous post for a synopsis), discovered through World War Z (an oral history of our world that just survived a zombie apocalypse) that reading about zombies being blown up is much more pleasant than seeing it on the TV, and finally started A Game of Thrones.  I am impatiently waiting for Season 2 to air.  Still haven’t finished Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, but since I know most of those tales by heart, that’s just something I’ll pick up again when I finish all the other books I started.

In TV news (which is rare for me, since I haven’t gotten attached to an American TV show in a while), I’m still watching Pan Am with the father (I swear Christina Ricci is hypnotizing us with her enormous eyeballs), sorta-watching Walking Dead with the father and the brother (aka I peek through my fingers when I see scenes like last episode’s water well zombie getting ripped in half; that was truly grody), wishing New Girl is an hour-long show, and indulging in my guilty pleasure Once Upon A Time because I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Snow White.


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