A Day Without Rain

It was supposed to rain yesterday. I was all ready to snuggle into the couch with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate, because that’s what rainy days are best for, right? Anyways, I should have known better than to rely on the weather forecast, since lately it’s never been right. It halfheartedly drizzled, but there wasn’t enough rain to keep me cloistered in the house. So I did not get to be lazy. But I can’t be too angry, because I love LA air after a rain. Not that I think I live in a black cloud of smog, but the air always smells fresher and I actually get to see the foothills by my house. Actually, that reminds me of a funny anecdote from my high school days: a high school choir from Idaho (or some other state with cleaner air) did an exchange with my choir. They asked us innocently and with no trace of irony how we sang so well when our air was so bad. They were apparently under the impression that we all had black lungs and had difficulty breathing.

But a lack of rain didn’t stop me from finishing World War Z, which naturally lead me to start The Zombie Survival Guide, also by Max Brooks, because knowing about a zombie war won’t help me actually kill zombies. Obviously. I wish I could say that I had an exciting weekend and actually got to use some of my newly gained zombie-hunting skills, but I didn’t. Actually, not having to blow the brains out of an undead ghoul isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it (if it ever happens).  Hey, you never know.

Well, I won’t be complaining about quiet weekends for a while, since we’re starting to head into the holiday season, which means friends and family will be flocking back to LA to spend time with their loved ones (which naturally includes me).  That means parties and hang outs and reunions galore.  Time to bust out the elastic waistbands to better accommodate my slowly increasing girth and the tacky holidays sweaters!  I might not be able to tackle a 200 pound zombie, but I can surely handle a month and a half of holiday-induced eating.  Bring it on.



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