Blog Topics and Red Carpets

Some people have suggested and I have occasionally considered putting the focus of my blog around a specific theme.  As in I could solely talk about cookies or new TV shows or kittens or whatever.  There are several things flawed with this proposition.  For starters, I have very few areas where I feel like I am qualified to talk about in great depth for several hundred posts.  I’m pretty sure a blog about family trees (not mine persay, just genealogy in general) wouldn’t fly well.  What would I talk about?  “Oooh, has anyone tried out the new Family Tree Maker software?”  “I saw this amazing family tree of the French royal family at Versailles; here’s a picture of it!”  (And for the record, I have not tried out the new software, but yes, yes I did take a picture of that family tree.)  Secondly, I would feel bored after a couple posts of the same topic.  I can’t focus that intensely on one thing and sustain my passion for it for an indefinite amount of time.  The exception is my creative writing, but that’s a whole other beast that probably won’t rear its head publicly for years to come.  This is why I will probably never pursue a PhD.

I want this blog to stay fresh and fit and in great shape for years to come.  And my solution to this is to simply write about whatever the hell I feel like.  It’s more interesting, isn’t it?  Me trying to make my life sound interesting, that is.  Or me somehow trying to convince my readers that I’m a very fascinating and witty person.  I read some blogs for their expertise on particular topics, and others I read because it’s not the topic they cover that’s important, but because their writers are awesome at what they do.  Confession: sometimes I like TV show recaps more than the episode itself.

Anyways, enough justifying this blog.  It exists because I willed it into existence.  Let’s not get into philosophy though, I’ve struggled through enough classes on theory of all sorts to know that life, however you approach it, is still as maddeningly confusing and exhilarating to us as it was to the first people who wondered what life was.  I don’t want to talk about heavy stuff, I want to talk about fun, mindless stuff.  Like red carpets!

I overheard someone comment that a red carpet is like LA traffic.  It is absolutely true.  Sometimes it’s completely clogged and you’re just waiting there smushed with nowhere to go, and sometimes it’s completely empty and you’re wondering where everyone is.  It’s interesting to see the other side of the red carpet, the side you don’t see on photos and TV.  It’s a bunch of photographers and reporters and publicists, all trying to get the attention of the people posing on the carpet.  Truthfully, it’s more comfortable being on that side, where I don’t have to worry about my hair and makeup, and I don’t have to change poses every 3 seconds.

For those of you who are on the lookout for new and exciting blogs, check out, a stupendous site I stumbled upon (not through StumbleUpon, funnily enough) last year.  It’s a blog aggregate site, which collects blogs on every topic imaginable.  Type in a key word and it will pull up tons of blogs dedicated to that topic.  My favorite discovery?  I typed in “noodles” and got to Ramen Adventures, a blog about a guy in Japan writing about all the different ramen he tries.  Call me a noodle nerd or a food freak or whatever, but his blog makes me want to visit Japan again and just eat ramen all day.



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