In The Dark

As I write this, I’m sitting in my grandparents’ home, basking in the glow of a working lamp and a fully charged laptop screen.  For the last 48 (as of tonight) hours, I have been living in a powerless house, so using electricity is a rare luxury right now.  Crazy winds blew through Southern California two nights ago, and tons of cities were left without power.  Check out this Los Angeles Times’ article that outlines that damage done.  I greatly admire our ancestors for living by candlelight, because I’ve been walking around the house with lanterns and flashlights and it sucks.  Also, once it gets dark (which is very early nowadays), there’s really not much to do.  Especially since I have bad eyes, so reading by candlelight is not really doable.  At least I’m getting in a lot of sleep! But mostly the day is spent cleaning up the yard (among other things, we found a kiddie pool in the driveway) and trying to eat up everything that’s spoiling in the fridge.

Here’s a photo of the tree that fell in front of our garage; we were extremely lucky in that it didn’t hit the house or the car and it was relatively easy to chop up.


We are also lucky in that our phone line works, and we have gas (so all the stove needs is a match to light up) and plumbing (so we won’t be smelly.) Other people have it worse than us, so although I’m griping about no power, I know that it could be a lot worse.  But please pray that our power comes back soon!

In unrelated news, we’ve hit the 1,000+ reader mark on this blog!


3 thoughts on “In The Dark

  1. So glad my house didn’t get hit (yet!), but we did have a number of trees fall over on our block too. Haha can’t believe this is what I come home too (but it is a little exciting…). Hope you get your electricity back soon/let’s hang! 🙂

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