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For those of you who were wondering, we got power back after 60 hours of cold rooms and dark hallways.  On the downside, it was always cold and we always had to carry a lantern or a flashlight around.  Oh, and the minor fact that after it got dark it was virtually impossible to do anything in the house.  On the upside, having an electricity-free life was rather freeing.  I didn’t worry about what I was missing online and on the TV, and my family and I spent more quality time hanging out together.  Since the fireplace was the only warm spot in the house, we spent most of our evenings there, toasting marshmallows and playing cards.

Oddly enough, I kept having extremely convincing dreams in which we had power and I would be utterly convinced that if I woke up, the power would be on.  It was actually kind of pathetic how excited I was to have the electricity working.  Of course, I would wake up, try to turn on my light, and nothing would happen.  It was a cycle of hope and disappointment I don’t care to repeat.  Good thing I didn’t keep dreaming something important or I would be too disappointed to get out of bed.

Tomorrow I get to serve my civic duty and go in for my jury summons (oh joy-NOT), and since I know I won’t be able to focus on the same book for hours on end, hopefully I’ll get some writing done or I’ll meet some interesting people to chat with (both of which happened the last time). But I really really hope I don’t have to serve, because unlike people with a full time position, I won’t have any pay compensated (bummer).  So now instead of praying for electricity, let’s pray that I won’t get called in!


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