Glad for SAD

Isn’t it a little scary that the older you get, the faster time flies?  Remember when you were 9, itching to be 10, thinking that a year was an insufferably long amount of time to finally reach the double-digits?  Don’t worry, I’m not launching into a nostalgic post about 2011- yet. We have to wait until it’s a little closer to New Year’s, don’t we?  But honestly- it’s a week until Christmas!  Where did time fly?  WHAT am I supposed to buy for my brother? He is literally the hardest person in the world to buy for, even more so than my grandparents, who have everything they could possibly ever want.

I made this spinach and artichoke dip (or SAD for short) for a potluck at my internship.  Apologies for not having any pictures; you can either blame me for not having a nice camera to take pictures with or you can blame me for forgetting to take a picture in my haste to eat the dip.  Of course, I had to make my own tweaks to the recipe, because what would be the point of me posting a food-related post if I just copied it word for word?  Then I would just be stealing the author’s recipe, although I doubt they can claim credit for having invented the SAD.

Firstly, I obviously had to omit the mayonnaise because I hate it.  And I was reasonably sure that not having it wouldn’t mess with the texture too much.  And because I’m a lazy resourceful cook, I didn’t want to buy a pack of mozerella cheese because I already had a pack of “Mexican” cheese, aka a 4 cheese blend that included mozzarella.  Added some salt and pepper and more Parmesan cheese (honestly, you can’t really mess SAD up), and voila.  I had a yummy SAD.  It was easy to make and, more importantly, could be made well in advance.  The reasoning for this was twofold.  One, because who likes cold SAD?  No one.  And since my commute is at least 30 minutes, it wouldn’t have made sense for me to bake it at home and then again at work.  And two, the dial on our oven fell off, which meant that although the oven still worked, you couldn’t tell what temperature it was on.  Luckily, it’s fixed now.

My house is currently prepping for Christmas, which we are hosting this year (which is usually about 90% of the time).  We’re expecting more people than my aunt’s birthday (that was only 19 people-a “small” number in my family), probably around 25+ people.  So of course, we’ve got to scrub the house from top to bottom, buy food, the works.  It’s tiring, but so worth it.  There’s nothing nicer than being with your family and loved ones during the holidays, don’t you think?



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