2011 In Review

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, whether they were big or small, in the snow or sun, in the West or in the East (and far East!  Shout out to my 언니)  And even if you didn’t celebrate anything, I hope you at least enjoyed your vacation from work or school.

I don’t know about you, but 2011 was a pretty big year for me.  And not in terms of my waist, although it certainly gained a few inches from the last few weeks of holiday-induced gorging.  But that’s why we have New Year’s Resolutions, right?  So we can tell ourselves and anyone else who cares to listen that we intend to work out and lose weight?  I know that’s been on my list for years and years…and sometimes it works out.  Sometimes.

Let’s revisit some of the most memorable parts of my 2011 (in no particular order):

  • Traveled to Spain and China: Two very different experiences, one on a guided tour and one mostly on my own.  I had never been to Spain before, and I absolutely loved it.  Hands down one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited so far.  China was, of course, as I expected, but that didn’t make it less of an exciting and interesting experience for me.  Missed my posts and pictures on China?  Just type “gallery” in the search bar at the top of my blog and you’ll find them.
  • Rediscovered some past loves: Reading has been for some time something I did for class, and not for leisure.  I changed that this year.  Some of my favorite books form this year: Empire of the Summer Moon (nonfiction), A Song of Fire and Ice (epic fantasy), Of Love and Other Demons (magical realism).  Also rediscovered my love for talking about myself blogging, hence why this blog has yet to die off.
  • Graduation: Rather self-explanatory, I should think.  I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE!  It took four years and way too many late nights, but I finished and it still feels great 6 months later (damn, it’s already been that long?)
  • Employment: Dear readers, steel yourselves for some news of great importance.  I had up until this point been working two internships while continuing to search for full-time employment.  Well, the long search has finally come to an end.  I GOT A JOB!  I shan’t bore you with the gory details, but the long story short is that I’m working with a PR firm that specializes in music but also has clients in other areas of the entertainment industry as well.  It doesn’t pay a lot BUT I love what I’m doing and that makes all the difference.  Music is my life, so to be able to work with it (since my not-so-secret ambition to become a world-famous rock star is on the back burner at the moment) is a dream come true.

2012 will turn out to be an interesting year, I think.  Next post: what I intend to do keep it interesting!


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