WordPress had a nifty little report waiting for me at the end of the year, gathering up stats and interesting facts about who visited my blog, what people read, who commented.  Interestingly enough, the most viewed posts from last year (when I started in September) were ones about food or dieting.  Hm.  Not about travel, not about books, not about myself (although surprisingly it was one of the top posts- does that make me a celebrity if people want to know more about me?!), but food.  Don’t know what this says about society at large or my blog audience, but I’m sure it says something about me.  I’m going to take this as a sign that my readers would rather me eat interesting things like rats then go on a diet.

Somehow it’s inevitable that come a new calendar year, a lot of us will outline a list of resolutions that we sternly tell ourselves that this year we’ll follow.  Never mind that it didn’t work out last year, this year is different.  Honestly, though I always tell myself that I’ll work out more, I’ll eat healthier, I’ll be a better person, etc. etc., it’s difficult.  If everything in life was easy, then we would all be ridiculously fit and beautiful and intelligent and nice; but that would be boring.  And that’s no good. Of course, one resolution is better than zero, so I’ve got my list all drawn out and ready to be implemented.

Some of my resolutions (don’t judge me if they’re cliché!):

  • Blog more often (and do interesting things that make for interesting blog posts)
  • Write more often (aka faster than 1 page a year- ok that was an exaggeration, but not by much)
  • Exercise more often
  • Go abroad at least once in 2012
  • Be more appreciative of the important people in your life and make sure to tell them!

Hope your resolutions are more creative than mine!


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