Writing, Writing, and More Writing

Sometimes I get lazy with blogging and I know I want to write something, but I just don’t have the patience to sit down and type it all out.  Case in point: I’ve already rewritten these first few sentences about 5 times already.  Blogging ADD, perhaps?  Of course, forcing myself to write something is a good exercise, and goodness knows I need that if I have any wish to become an author in this lifetime.  (Though since the ancient Maya [and it is Maya for plural, not Mayans] said the world will end on December 21 of this year, perhaps I won’t have to worry about finishing anything!)

As one of my Christmas presents, I recieved The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal: 5 Year Project, in which I’m supposed to write a sentence (or two or three) everyday for 5 years.  Which totally defeats the purpose of the wonderful and quirky Simple Diary, in which I write in only if I felt like it and my other journal, in which I write in if I’m experiencing some particularly powerful emotion (like love, hate, excitment, dread, etc.).  But one of my new year’s resolutions was to write more, so for now, I’ve been writing at least one sentence every day.  They haven’t been terribly exciting sentences, but perhaps my progeny/descendants and/or future historians (because I just know I’m going to be famous somehow) will find these journals insightful and engaging, or perhaps they’ll just help me remember who I was when I’m old and forgetful.

Between this blog, my three journals, and my various creative writing projects, I don’t know  where I’ll find time to exercise more, learn some new languages, start a rock band…I might need to skimp on sleep, but I rather doubt that since I turn into a quasi-zombie and/or get extremely irritated and grumpy when I don’t get my 8+ hours a day.



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