Working Out Is Fun?

Funnily enough, although I pledged to write and exercise more in 2012 as part of my new year’s resolutions, I find myself actually keeping one that I thought would be harder: working out more.  Odd, right?  Normally for me, writing is almost as easy as breathing.  I can write something about anything (though there are no guarantees that it will be interesting in the slightest.)  Working out is a whole other story.  I am entirely reluctant to move my body faster than a brisk walking pace, despite knowing the great benefits exercise provides. 

But, I guess I’m finally getting over my loathing for sweat and pain and general discomfort for the lures of a healthier body and clothes that fit better.  And the sad realization that I’m in the prime of my life, so if I don’t get into shape now, I will be a sad sack of a person in twenty years.  Fear is a good motivator.  But so is our new Zumba game serious workout video for Wii.  (Though as one friend said, “Isn’t Zumba for women of a certain age?”  To which I say: if it works for middle aged women, then I’m certain it can work for me.)  I’m now faithfully dancing my way to a healthier body, one day at a time.  It’s actually pretty fun, and as long as I make sure the curtains are closed, I can safely shake my booty and wave my arms in the air like I just don’t care without fear of traumatizing my neighbors.

I did do my fair share of dance classes when I was younger, but school took up a lot of my time, and then music came along and became the love of my life, relegating dance to something I occasionally bust out in supermarkets or in clubs.  Skiing is the only sport I do with any regularity, ironically enough, since it involves exercise PLUS freezing temperatures, but I think Zumba is an OK alternative for those times when I’m not willing to pile on layers and strap on those heavy boots to go fly down an icy hill (really, skiing is much more than just that!).

I also sometimes do group sports with my family because they somehow think it’s fun to do exercise-y things like kayaking and mountain biking.  Not really sure how I manage to get dragged along every time, but I do.  Here’s a picture when I went hiking with my family in the foothills by my house (kind of felt like I was in a Lord of the Rings scene, trekking across the mountains…I did not, however, go barefoot a la Frodo or have a hot elven archer companion.) 


6 thoughts on “Working Out Is Fun?

  1. 1. HELLO. UM. What about that EXTREME biking game we played? (For a horrid second, I thought you might have posted a photo of me doing the challenge).
    2. Well, yeah, you kind of do hike without shoes…if we’re considering that time your boots fell apart on the tipi hike hahaha.
    3. If you want to run Bay to Breakers with me in May, holla at me! It’s fun – you can dress up and walk the entire way. 🙂

    • 1. That extreme biking game made me exhausted, but I don’t think we played long enough to have it counted as exercise.
      2. We do NOT talk about the death march hike. Ever.
      3. Psh if I spend money on a plane flight to fly up north, it would be to visit people, not exercise!!!

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  3. PERFECT! Ashley, come up the weekend of Bay to Breakers and let’s all do it! And also come up when you are planning to in March/April as well 🙂

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