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I know, I know.  I’ve been a bad blogger- it’s been over a week since my last post on Chinese New Year!  *Hangs head in shame* There have been actually many topics I wanted to write about, but I was a little too lazy in sitting down and typing out my thoughts on topics like the fact that restaurant food seems to be getting saltier and saltier and the fact that I feel really guilty about enjoying my super warm winter weather even though I know it’s not natural and probably related to global warming..  However, I need to keep reminding myself that I am not a) a celebrity (yet) b) an expert on any matter (also, not yet) and/or c) followed by thousands of readers who would receive notifications on my posts and read it out of a sense of duty.

Anyways, I finished book 3 of A Song of Ice and Fireand while I’m chafing at the bit waiting for Season 2 of the HBO series to come out on April 1, I must content myself with starting Book 4, knowing that I’m inching ever so closely to Book 5, which is the last book in the series for now.  The author took 6 years to write that one, so who knows how long Book 6 and 7 will take.  While I hate the waiting period in between books, I think it’s ridiculous how some people actually complained that George R. R. Martin took so long writing Book 5.  Try writing an epic fantasy series with an enormous cast of characters and see how fast you churn that out. Take as long as you like, Mr. Martin, as long as the end result is good.

Speaking of characters, I am a little sad that Martin seems to be chopping off more and more people as the story progresses.  I realize that it’s realistically portraying how easily people die, but if he keeps killing off characters I care about, I’m going to be an emotional wreck by the end of the series.  (Yes, I can get emotional while reading books.  True fact: the first book that ever made me cry was The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.  The Disney movie may or may not have also made me cry.)  It’s also getting really hard to remember who’s alive and who’s dead, as it there weren’t enough relationships to keep track of already.


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