Interest In Pinterest

Since I work in the world of PR, I take it upon myself to stay in touch with the newest and hottest social media sites, since you never know when the next big thing will come along and shake up the PR/marketing world, which is already constantly in flux as it is.  Which means that yes, I can say that going on Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare is actually work-sanctioned (not always as fun as you think.)

So when I first heard about Pinterest, I was vaguely interested but it wasn’t until I read an article which stated that Pinterest was the “next big social media site,” did I really take notice and sign up.  Big mistake.  I am addicted.  Of course, I already had an inspiration book in which I cut and taped in things I found pretty/fancy/inspiring/etc. But Pinterest is so much easier- no tape or scissors involved!  Basically, you have virtual pinboards in which you find pictures of things you like on the Web and you “pin it” to your board, creating a collection of things grouped around a theme you decide.  Pinterest provides a nifty little button for your browser, so adding something to your board is as easy as a few clicks. Now every time I go online all I can think is: “Will this look good on my boards?”

Already I’ve created a board for clothes that I can never fit into/afford but will dream about nonetheless, a board for album covers I particularly like, and a board for my guilty pleasures, which includes pictures of Disney princesses in historically accurate clothing (because I’m a history geek like that) and Hello Kitty glasses (because they can make anyone look adorable).

Almost all websites are game for photo-lifting; Facebook being the exception, because obviously it would be really creepy and wrong to lift people’s personal pictures.  If they put it on a public blog (hence why I never put super-personal pictures on here), that’s another thing, but Facebook is supposed to afford some sort of privacy.  On another social media note- I was unwillingly given Facebook Timeline and I feel like a Facebook newbie all over again- I don’t know how to use it!  On yet another note, Timeline makes it easy to see what you did years ago- which means I can look at all my cringe-worthy high school pictures with ease.  Joy.


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