The Biggest Night In Showbiz

For those of you living away from a TV, tonight was the 84th Academy Awards, commonly known as The Oscars, the movie world’s most glamorous and prestigious night.  Though I work on the peripheral edges of the industry now, I’m still nowhere near important enough to garner an invitation to an official viewing party.  I still watched the festivities from the comfort on my couch, which isn’t really a bad thing, since I didn’t have to change out of my PJs and I didn’t have 1000 cameras to zoom in on every pore on my face.  (Though I did actually spot someone I actually knew on the broadcast-not a star, a behind-the-scenes person.  Does this mean I’ve officially arrived in the industry?)

My parents and I bet on the winners, and yours truly won!  Obviously, I watched each nominated film did my homework and read what the critics had to say and made what I call “informed guesses.”  It’s almost completely impossible correctly predict all the winners (though last year’s Colin Firth as Best Actor was a no-brainer), but it does help your chances when you read the opinions of people who have actually seen the films.  I correctly predicted 14/24 winners, which is really good considering this year I only saw 2 nominated films- I know, I know. Shame on me.

Sorry today’s post was so short- I was too busy predicting the winners and I’m still recovering from the after effects of gorging myself on a dim sum brunch from this morning-delicious it definitely is, but light it most certainly is not.  Don’t go eating dim sum unless you’re prepared to eat a lot of meat and carbs.  Luckily for me, that is never a problem.  Might have been if I was on the paleo diet though!

P.S. Today is my 50th post- yipee!


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Night In Showbiz

  1. DID J-LO NIP SLIP OR NOT?!?!?! why did this not garner a comment?? I swear my mom, me, and my boss were the only ones that caught this apparently 😉

    • Oh, my mom and I definitely thought that nip was definitely showing. The whole time we were screaming at the TV, “HELLO is NO ONE going to censor that?!?!” But when is wearing something scandalous a new thing for J-Lo?

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