Green With Envy

I recently stumbled across a blog of a high school classmate; I’ve known her since 6th grade, but we’re only acquaintances at best, strangers at worst; long story short, we never really talk.  I guess I just creep on her blog.  She has a life anyone would envy- a great job/boyfriend/wardrobe.  She blogs mostly about fashion and takes pictures of her outfits pretty regularly.  Her style is, of course, impeccable- it’s creative, loaded with brands that I can only dream of affording, fashionable, clever, etc etc.

Seeing something like that it, it’s hard not to be envious.  But then there are a lot of people I could say that about.  I wish I had A’s fashion, or B’s hair, or C’s career.  It’s always worse comparing yourself to people you actually know, rather than inaccessible celebrities, because you can remember when A was just an annoying kid in school who never pulled their fair share on projects but now has a really successful career.  (True story, by the way.)  Life is so not fair sometimes.

But then I have to remember that if I get envious about one thing, then I’ll just caught up in a constant battle of comparing myself to all these other people whose lives I envy.  Envy can be a good thing- it can motivate us to try harder, to work longer, to keep striving for that one goal that’s yet to be achieved.  We just have to make sure we don’t let it consume our lives.

I saw Devil Wears Prada  in high school and inspired me to be more daring with my fashion choices; I took more chances, some which I regret, looking back on past pictures, but overall I’m happy that I decided to do more than just the same T-shirt and jeans combo every day.  However, I then went to college, where I biked a couple miles every day getting around.  Perhaps in some places, it’s easy to be cute while riding a bike.  I went to school in a small college town.  Being fashion forward definitely wasn’t on the top of most people’s lists.  To be sure, there were plenty of girls who somehow managed to bike in skirts and dresses (I did that once and I’m pretty sure I flashed half of campus) and high heels.  That wasn’t me.  I was more concerned about getting to my classes on time than showing off my style.

But, I’m graduated now, so I can be more creative with my wardrobe once more!  Although my workplace has a pretty casual dress code, there’s always weekend and evening events to chronicle.  So, long story short, after seeing my classmate’s blog and letting the green-eyed monster bother me for a while, I am re-motivated to air out those things in my closet that don’t get love, to wear some pieces of jewelry that sit around, collecting dust.


2 thoughts on “Green With Envy

    • I actually had on a semi-cute outfit the day I wrote that post, but I had already shimmied into my lovely sweatpants by the time I got around to writing it. I promise I’ll get around to posting pictures!

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