An Outfit To Stroll In

I know I promised pictures of cute outfits- but alas I ultimately was too embarrassed to ask my parents to take photos of me, and I couldn’t really find an opportune time to work out my camera’s self-timer option.  (One of the downsides of living with your parents- it’s really hard to put on a mini-photo shoot without being interrupted.)  Perhaps I shouldn’t be embarrassed to have my parents be my personal paparazzi, but since they work all week, the least I can do is not harass them and let them do what they will in their free time.  But, fear not, I can still use the power of language to describe what I wore- and I have some pictures!  Hooray!

Since the weather was so beautiful this weekend, my family and I went to stroll around the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens (which has, among other things, a Gutenberg Bible-SO awesome) and in doing so, I put together a cute outfit worthy of a day out.  I wore a cream-colored silk blouse from China that was embroidered with- oh wait, I actually have a picture of this:

The bottom half of my outfit was less interesting- plain black skinny pants and brown loafers from Zara, my current favorite pair of shoes that go with everything!  Top it off with my Wayfarers and a gray shoulder purse that I absconded from my grandmother’s closet, and I was set for my afternoon stroll.

Oh, and I mustn’t forget jewelry!

This necklace is a gold ring that once belonged to my grandmother (not sure if she gifted it to me or if I just asked her for it haha) that bears our last initial.  I’m not a big fan of pinky rings, so I just put it on a simple chain and now it’s the one ring that rules all a lovely necklace.  If I’m feeling particularly nerdy, I can pretend that it’s a signet ring, meant for pressing into hot wax to seal my letters, but truthfully, there’s not much hot wax and parchment paper lying around my room.  It’s not big and bold or laden with precious stones, but I tend to go for simple pieces of jewelry, and anyways, I feel a bit self conscious when I bring out my fancy jewelry for everyday use.

I also like to have history behind my jewelry; traditional birthday jade given to me at my birth, a necklace my mother bought from Australia, a bracelet my dad picked out for my graduation.  Of course, I would definitely be remiss if I said I didn’t appreciate the pretty shiny things I see in the Tiffany’s window, or the mysterious allure of walking into a vintage jewelry shop and wondering about a ring’s previous owners.  But I really like to wear each piece and know that it was carried halfway across the world for me, or that this was worn by my grandmother when she was my age.

A question to leave you with: pearls or diamonds?  (A tough one, right?  And saying you like diamonds because they’re more expensive is a cheap answer- too obvious!)  Why am I asking you this?  Because I want to.  Plus, maybe it might give inspiration for a future post…


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