Another Weekender!

It’s been a busy month for me; back to back weekends of mini-vacations!  Of course, I’m sure there are plenty of people who travel frequently for business and/or pleasure, but for me it’s a rare enough occurrence.  Last week I drove up north to visit my college town and see some friends; this weekend I flew up north again to visit different friends and family in the Bay Area.  Some people have begged me to move up north pointed out that I really ought to just go back to NorCal, since I have a lot of my close friends up there, but I’m a loyal SoCal girl.  But I won’t rule anything out, since who can tell the future?

I’ve been to San Francisco often enough that it’s not really a “destination” any more; I can go and not worry about trying to squeeze in as many touristy spots as I can in a weekend.  I’m just content being with people I care about and if I can see the Golden Gate Bridge at the same time, well then that’s awesome! The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend; probably because Mother Nature knew I was visiting and decided to make the sun shine just for moi 🙂

Notable things from this weekend include going to the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building and coincidentally running into my old housemate of 2 years; talk about perfect timing!  I haven’t seen her in 2 years and it was really nice to reconnect and briefly catch up with her.  Visited with high school pals and some relatives, so I fulfilled my social interaction quota for the month (I kid, I kid!)  I also ate some a LOT of delicious food, all healthfully prepared (because SF is a pretty big foodie town) and spent a glorious afternoon with one of my best friends walking along the waterside from Pier 39 to Ft. Mason and thinking about taking a bike ride but ending up lying down at Ghirardelli Square and napping on the grass.

This is where I took my nap.

Where my head was pointed

Where my feet pointed

Try not to be too jealous 🙂  And of course, I brought some jewelry pieces to jazz up my outfits (remember I’m trying a little harder in the wardrobe department!)  I brought pieces that were simple enough to not overpower my otherwise casual day outfits, and fancy enough to wear out when I went out at night.

The silver bangles are from my aunt via Mexico, and the ring is lapis lazuli set in silver from my parents as one of my graduation presents via Sundance.


2 thoughts on “Another Weekender!

  1. remember that time we went to SF in the 9th grade and ate ice cream for dinner and you wept like a little baby during ice age? 🙂

    • I stand by my statement that Ice Age is quite an emotional movie. Also, I’m 99% sure I passed through the area we stayed in…ah yes, Pringles and ice cream- dinner of champions 🙂

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