Asian American Star Power

It’s been 11 long days since I blogged- apologies for the longest post drought in the young history of this blog. I’ve been incredibly busy at work lately (not that that’s a bad thing- a PR firm that’s not busy means no clients, and no clients means no money) so though I normally find blogging a nice break from writing business emails all day, I’ve been in no mood to even look at a computer when I come home the last week and a half. I know you missed my updates (I could practically hear the wails of despair when you turned on your computer and saw 0 posts from me.)

Last night I attended the 2012 LA Asia Pacific Film Festival Opening Night Gala, and it was nice to get all dressed up for an event not related to work (as I can partake in the free bar, I can squeal unprofessionally over celebrities and I can wander around and not have to worry about a client)!

Even before the movie started, I was already giddy with excitement for spotting the perennially adorable Harry Shum Jr. and the boys from Wong Fu Productions in the VIP Lounge (which we craftily wriggled our way into.) I was swooning with happiness from the serious Asian American star power. Because we didn’t have time to grab dinner beforehand, I was even more happy we got into the VIP area because the free appetizers became my dinner (from noon-midnight, my food intake consisted of: 1 yogurt cup, 3 tangerines, 1 egg roll, 2 pieces of watermelon, and 4 crackers and hummus. A true LA diet.) Don’t worry, I made up for it with an In-N-Out after the afterparty- is there anything better than In-N-Out at midnight after a long day? Not much.

The movie, Shanghai Calling, was a cute rom-com that starred the very handsome Daniel Henney (more on him later) and Eliza Coupe. I probably won’t be craving another viewing any time soon, but it was cute and funny and it made me really nostalgic for my own trip to Shanghai last year. Actually, I’m pretty sure that the office in the movie was where my mom worked- I kept thinking “Hey, I walked that street! I visited that store!”

Daniel Henney was actually in attendance, and I ALMOST got a picture with him, but unfortunately I was not mean enough to shove some eager ladies out of my way when they cut in front, and by the time I was next in line, he had to be whisked away to talk to far more important people than I. Oh well. I didn’t even know he was going to be there, so just being near him was a pretty nice surprise. Below is a much better picture of him than the one I took, so let your eyes feast away!


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