An Update At Long Last!

I really wish I had a reasonable excuse for not blogging for two solid weeks…but I don’t.  Not really.  What have I done since I last wrote?  A brief overview of the vaguely important things that took my attention away from blogging:

  • I was volunteering at an event and saw a sumo wrestling match for the first time in person.  It’s actually really much more interesting that I thought it would be, and the crowd got really into it.  Plus, who knew that sumo wrestlers were so flexible?  They can do splits and bends and all manner of body moves.
  • I went for afternoon tea in J-Town and spent a good 45 minutes simply wandering around trying to find a public bathroom and wound up sneaking into the men’s bathroom at a Starbucks.  Oooh sneaky sneaky.  (Yes, a very important reason why I didn’t blog!) I also cooed over utterly adorable yet completely unnecessary things like a sponge shaped like a cat, an egg cooker in the shape of a dino, and tiny erasers shaped like sushi.
  • I spent my Memorial Day Weekend in Mammoth & Yosemite, and got eaten alive by all sorts of bugs.  Not enough snow to ski, though it did snow on Saturday and I had the not-so pleasant experience of having a snowflake shoot up my nostril while I was running.  It was like a minor brain freeze in all the wrong places.
  • I also saw a double rainbow but it did not change my life.  Possibly because I was not under the influence of any substances.  Just as well- I was hiking by Vernal Fall, getting drenched by the mist, and standing on slippery granite steps with tons of people, and being high was definitely not the best course of action.
  • I watched an old VHS (remember those old things?  Sadly, I don’t think kids these days do) and forgot how annoying fast forwarding through the annoying “Coming Attractions” segment was and how even more annoying rewinding is.  Kids these days have it so easy with their DVDs and Blu-Rays.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, all of these were perfectly inadequate reasons as to my absence from the blogosphere.  Nonetheless, they are my reasons and I’m sticking with them.  So there.  But I’ll hopefully make up for it with a real post next time.  Which will definitely be within a week. I promise!


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