Night Driving

The viewership numbers for this month are among my all-time lows, but it’s totally my fault due to the fact that I have written a whopping 3 times for all of June.  Well, I don’t write this blog for high stats, but c’mon-who doesn’t like seeing that people read your posts?  It’s always nice to know that there are people who find your writing interesting enough to want to read it.  At least that’s what I assume- there is no way (that I know of) to see how much of my blog people actually read.  I don’t really utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods like bolding key words to make it more “findable” or make an effort to get posted on other sites, so although I could make an effort to get the word out there (rather like what I do at work), I’m content writing in (relative) obscurity.

Of course, there’s always that small lurking fear in the back of most writers’ minds- is my writing interesting?  Do I write well?  Do people enjoy reading what I have to write?  Of course many of us write for our own gratification, other people be damned, but nobody wants to be told they’re a crappy writer when they’ve just poured their heart and soul into a book or essay or what have you.  I’d like to think that I’m a fairly interesting writer (although why would I blog if I didn’t have a little bit of faith in myself?), and I’ve been told before that my writing style, both academic and personal, has a very distinct style and tone.  If you’ve never met me in person, I guess you’ll just have to take in good faith that I’m telling the truth and not tooting my own horn.  But since the majority entirety of my college essay canon was written the night before (it is true that I am a procrastinator, but I always needed a time constraint to force ideas out), does that mean my writing style reflects a half-crazed state of mind due to a lack of sleep and a copious amount of stress?  I’d like to think not.  Whatever the case may be, as painful as my writing schedule was, I somehow managed to churn out decent essays.

One of my favorite times to think about ideas and mull over story lines and future blog posts is driving late at night on the nearly-empty freeways of LA.  It’s a pretty magical time- the same roads that are usually congested with cars are free and empty, and it’s actually really soothing to just chug along at your own pace and let your mind wander (obviously not so much so that you forget to keep an eye on the road!).  Drive got it just right with the song “Nightcall” by Kavinsky ft. Lovefoxxx (lead singer of CSS).  It was produced by one of the guys from Daft Punk, in case you were struck by the very Daft Punk-ish sound of the song.

If I could simultaneously work all of my dream jobs (like rock star, published author, kick-ass commenter on a VH1 show, professional napper, etc.), I would definitely want to also be a music supervisor.  Supervisors are the people who pick songs and place them in films, commercials, shows, etc.  They have the difficult-but so rewarding- task of finding the perfect tune to match the scene, and “Nightcall” just sums up the entire mood of Drive and the feeling of driving through LA at night.  Good call, Drive supervisor!


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