Happy Birthday, America! (And Hooray for Summer!)

Today’s post will be short and sweet, because who needs me babbling about trivial matters when there’s an independence day to celebrate?  To all my American readers, happy July 4th!  I hope everyone has something fun planned- even if you’re not going to go watch fireworks or eat BBQ (both of which I happen to be doing tonight), at least enjoy your day off from work/school.

For me, July 4 is always at my grandparents house, where we can swim and eat BBQ and watch fireworks from their backyard.  July means summer has started properly (none of this June gloom business), with hot days and long nights, eating dinner on the patio, incense burning to keep away the bugs (which triggers my memories of summers in Asia), and all my favorite fruits with all my meals like peaches, cherries, mangoes, and more.

Last summer my July 4th was spent coming back from the mountains-my family and I were driving down the highway, on mostly deserted roads since most people were celebrating the holiday, and because we were driving through the desert, there was not much obstructing our view of the surrounding area.  As it grew dark, fireworks starting shooting up all around us- the night was perfectly clear and the whole ride home I was plastered to the window, taking in the moment.  It was pretty magical, I have to say.

Anyways, enough of my sentimental reminiscing.  Have a happy 4th and a happy summer!


One thought on “Happy Birthday, America! (And Hooray for Summer!)

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