Untitled #6

I was somehow persuaded to get up at the crack of dawn (aka 7 AM) the other morning to go jogging with a friend. It was mostly the fact that I was going to spend time with a friend I don’t see too often that got my fat ass out of bed (albeit not without some prodding from my father and three alarms.) Losing weight/getting in shape is also of course another reason why I went (and why I am somehow getting up early again tomorrow to run again.)

My friend is at the beginning stages of training for a half-marathon, so we gave ourselves the goal of three miles. Well, it may come as no surprise to you that I could not run the whole 3 miles without stopping a few times to walk, but I somehow managed to run the first mile without stopping. This is probably not a very big deal to most people (and it really shouldn’t be for me, seeing as I am supposed to be in the peak of my physical abilities) but since I don’t remember the last time I’ve run a whole mile, it was a welcome surprise that morning. Even in high school, which is when I would wager I was the most fit of my life thus far, I never was able to run a whole mile without stopping.

Of course, it was probably a number of factors that kept my feet moving. I wanted to keep pace with my friend, who was already holding back for me, and I also have this weird thing where I don’t want people to see me stop, so I will only stop and huff and puff when nobody sees me. Oh yes, and the fact that at times I was running slower than the senior citizens doing their morning walks. I was also quite possibly still half-asleep.

For most of my life I have been blessed with relatively fast metabolism, but alas, no longer- I can’t eat ice cream for dinner and not see the consequences in my gut. So I am gradually incorporating morning runs into my life, taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, rejecting another bowl of rice, etc. because I’ll probably regret it later in life if I let myself go now. That and I don’t really want to spend money buying a whole new wardrobe with clothes in bigger sizes. I’m poor enough as it is.

I’ve never been a big fan of long distance running (I was more of a sprinter when I was young) but there is something really nice about getting up before most people and having the streets to yourself. Of course, it doesn’t help that by nature I am a night owl- I am most productive around midnight, though the procrastinator within me often made me stay up through the night until 6 AM to write papers.


One thought on “Untitled #6

  1. Even when I ran, I could never do it in the morning. I wished I could, but I just don’t have the energy until the afternoon when it’s hot and crowded (go figure). Props to you though for getting out there! Yay getting older! haha

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