Off on Vacation!

Apologies for the long delay between posts- it’s been a hectic last few days, what with trying to pack for the trip (I reaalllyy wanted to bring more than 5 pairs of shoes, but I couldn’t.  Honestly, sneakers and gym shoes shouldn’t count towards your total shoe count!) and wrapping up things at work so that my absence will not cause the world to collapse as our clients know it.  But I’ll probably check my work email a few times during the trip because I’m neurotic like that and it is just the nature of my job that you never know when and where good opportunities pop up, so you have to act fast!  I wish I could fully relax and not think about work, but I doubt that’s going to happen.  Maybe if I went to somewhere like the Gobi Desert- then I could truly say I was free from the trappings of the wired world.

Hence why I’m up at this ungodly hour, wrapping up some things and, of course, blogging, because how could I leave for my trip without one last blog post?  I’ll try my best to update while I’m on my trip, but no promises.  Unlike my trip to China, where I had time and internet to post regularly, I’ll be on a boat that will most likely charge me for internet usage.  And I’m in a new city and/or country every day, so I might just have travel overload and not be able to write out coherent posts fast enough.

Not engaging my brain in any heavy reading this summer so far, just some easy reads in topics that I’m obsessively fond of.  Well,  “not heavy” for me- I’m sure not everyone would consider books on historical figures fun or entertaining.  But that hasn’t diminished my unabashed love for all things Elizabethan and Medieval.  (True fact: I bought a pencil set of Henry VIII and his 6 wives from the Tower of London…each pencil has a plastic bust of the king and his queens.  Pretty awesome.  NERD ALERT!)

Currently, I’m working on these as my first real “summer readings”:

Not a huge fan of Ms. Gelardi’s writing style- she tends to make some broad, sweeping statements about a person’s personality/emotions that tend to lean towards the dramatic, making it read a little too much like a novel at times and less like the history book it’s supposed to be.  Ms. Weir, however, has long been a favorite historian of mine, and always includes the best family trees.

So long for now, and I’ll write soon!


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