Back from Scandinavia & Russia

I’m back and still more or less the same I was before I left on vacation (though WiiFit says I lost 2.6 pounds…how is that humanely possible?  I might be the first person in history to lose weight on a cruise, rather than gain it.)  I’m still sorting through all of the photos that my family took, as well as sorting out my brain for each city/country we visited, so I won’t be posting anything substantial today.  Plus, I was at work on Friday and then an all-day family event yesterday, so no time so far to post thoughts & pictures.

To tide you over, here are some of the more memorable moments from my trip (though really, the whole trip was memorable):

  • Eating reindeer for the first time (no, I didn’t watch them slaughter a cute little sleigh-pulling deer) in meatball form- pretty tasty, and very similar to bison
  • Going on a mini-zipline on a Danish playground- why don’t they have those in America?
  • Being given champagne and shots of vodka at every stop (or so it felt) in Estonia and Russia- who knew Estonian vodka tastes so good?  It was so smooth, you could barely tell it was hard liquor.  And no, I did not turn into a raging alcoholic from all the imbibing.
  • Beating all my opponents at the cruise ship’s Speed Sudoku event- admittedly, there were only about 7 other people, but the fact that I finished minutes before everyone else still gave me my daily ego boost.
  • Seeing where the Grand Duchess Anastasia is buried and where Rasputin was murdered (NERD ALERT!)
  • NOT getting seasick this trip (got a little queasy one night last time)
  • Conversely, having the cruise ship make such a sharp (and unplanned) turn so that carts went flying in the dining room, glasses broke, and the ocean coming quite close to the windows was also quite the experience (everything was OK, but I definitely had a fleeting image of the Titanic in my mind as I felt my body shift and watched the water in my glass tilt slowly towards the rim)
  • Accomplishing my goal of finding a Chinese restaurant in every city we visited- I will never starve from a lack of Chinese food!

Hang tight for forthcoming posts- I’ll probably talk about 1-2 cities and post a slideshow in each entry.


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