Part 2 of My Scandinavian Adventures

Today I’m elaborating a little more because if you simply look at the pictures, you probably wouldn’t get what some of the photos are of.  And you also won’t understand why “Fyrkat” is funny.

Aarhus is the 2nd largest city in Denmark, but it’s not exactly an urban city.  Of course, since it’s Denmark, the second largest city still felt like the border area between a suburb and farmland to me.  (And all my pictures make it look like I was in the middle of nowhere…which is not far from the truth.) It rained in the beginning of the day, but it let up and we were actually fortunate with weather the entire trip- it only rained twice, and usually when we were indoors or on our way back to the cruise ship.  Thinking of the Baltic region, one might think of cold weather- not for my family!  We actually didn’t bring enough T-shirts and shorts because it was so unexpectedly warm.  It actually got up to the mid-80s in Russia…I’m pretty sure I got a tan.

Anyways, I digress.  We didn’t spend that much time in the city proper (probably because there wasn’t a ton to see) but I did see a Blockbuster…I thought those disappeared off the face of the planet a few years ago, but I guess it’s thriving in Denmark!  We headed out to a Viking settlement (a recreation of the actual buildings as apparently damp weather doesn’t allow wooden buildings to stay intact through the centuries- c’mon Viking architects, seriously disappointing me now.)  But what was pretty cool was that they had found the remains of a Viking fort and were able to indicate where building posts used to be by replacing them with concrete posts, so even if we aren’t able to see the buildings, we were able to see how the fort was laid out.  Also, the name of the area was called “Fyrkat,” “kat” meaning cat.  And Fyr having several meanings, but my personal favorite is “burning.”  So the area was potentially called “burning cat.”  Why not?

We also visited a medieval village, which was cool, but it also had a super cool awesome playground (don’t judge me) next door; it was cool mainly because all of the apparatuses were intricately carved in wood… AND it had a mini-zip line.  My brother and I definitely spent a good 20 minutes hurling ourselves through the air on that thing.  Best playground EVER.  Downside was that the grass housed pitch black slugs the size of my middle finger.  Ugh.

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