Part 3 of My Scandinavian Adventures

Berlin was the next port of call on our trip, although technically we landed at Warnemünde, which is nowhere near Berlin.  So we had to take a 3 hour train ride into the city, where we went on a bus tour of some of the more popular spots, including:

  • The Brandenburg Gate (I naively hoped that perhaps Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos would be wafting out of hidden speakers around the gate, but alas, it was not to be so.)
  • The Berlin Wall (which has since been repainted in chunks by famous artists and muralists- graffiti art is actually a huge part of the public art scene in Berlin, and I saw some really beautiful pieces adorning buildings)
  • Checkpoint Charlie (kind of hilarious how it’s still in the middle of live traffic…one would think that such a historical site would be walled off, or at least given a few stoplights for pedestrians to cross safely, but no such luck)
  • Bricks lining the streets, representing where the Berlin Wall used to stand

My dad is mildly obsessed with subways (maybe it’s an effect of having spent the majority of his life living in LA, aka Land of Terrible Public Transportation), so of course we ended spending a substantial amount of our time in Berlin…in the subway station and train.  This is a not a new thing for my family- every single country we’ve visited, it is a must to go on the subway and document our travels.  It’s gotten so that even if I’m not traveling with my dad, I will wind up riding a subway and taking pictures just to show him.

Of course, knowing my family, we like to cut things close (maybe this is where I get my procrastinating genes from), so we ended up nearly running through the streets of Berlin to catch our bus to catch our chartered train.  We later heard that because too many people had missed the first train, tons of people crammed on the second train…and some unlucky souls missed that and had to find their own way to ESTONIA.  Cruise ships run a very tight schedule, and waiting for 3-4 late people does not warrant making a couple thousand others late.  I heard the bill was a couple hundred Euros…ouch.

We made it with a few minutes to spare, so I took it upon myself to run down the street and get a famous Berlin curry sausage, which, in retrospect, wasn’t really worth sprinting for.  It was good, but I’m more of a Japanese curry person myself.

Anyways, enjoy this post’s slideshow- if you’ll notice, each slideshow has more and more photos (partially because it was drizzling the first two days, so we didn’t bring out the cameras as much), but I will try to restrain myself when it comes to Russia, because we took several hundred photos in 2 days.  You’ve been warned.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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