Part 6 of My Scandinavian Adventures

It’s been too long since the last post (I feel like half the time my posts stat with some sort of apology for being tardy- I never try to go more than a week without posting, but sometimes life just interferes.)  But our house has been pretty busy, as last weekend we welcomed two new additions to the family.

Lucy & Kai are three month old siblings that we adopted and I have probably been spending more time with them than my family over the last few days.  They’re technically family pets but I wanted them the most so I’m the one doing all the cleaning and feeding.

I won’t bore you with more kitten photos (though if you actually do want them, say the word and I shall spam you with more pictures than you will ever need.)

Helsinki quickly became my favorite city of the trip.  It was clean, spaciously laid out, friendly people, beautiful buildings, and just an overall cool vibe.  Oh yeah, and there’s city-wide free wifi called Angry Birds Wifi (the parent company is Finnish.)  We took a 10 mile bike ride in the morning which was a fantastic idea because we were able to see many parts of the city in a relatively short amount of time (and left us free time afterwards), and a majority of places weren’t overrun with visitors that early in the morning.

After that, we stopped by a really cool market with delicious food (we had salmon that practically melted in our mouths, tiny fish that were eaten whole, bones and all, and reindeer meatballs.  Yes, that kind of reindeer- tasted slightly gamey like bison, but nothing too extraordinary.  I think Santa will forgive me, maybe.)  There were lots of vendors selling things (it was more like a craft fair than farmer’s market) and we bought some pretty silver jewelry and local artwork.  They also sold some fruits & vegetables, and because the days are longer in the summer here, their berries looked huge to me.  Usually the raspberries you buy here are hit and miss- some are sweet, but some are sour, and they’re all fairly small.  Not these raspberries.  They were plump and firm and so sweet I could hardly believe they’re the same type of fruit as what we call raspberries.

We took a great deal of photos of us wearing our fashionable neon-green safety vests and helmets, but you shall not see any of those here.  I did, however, take a number of photos while biking, so don’t be too surprised if they seem askew or really random.  (Can’t seem to take the photos of my kittens out of the slideshow, but rest assured, we didn’t fly them over from Finland.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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