Part 8 of My Scandinavian Adventures- The Finale

At last, the final installation of my Scandinavian Adventures!  I’m afraid that everything I’ll post about in the future will seem mundane and dull in comparison to my tales of vodka sipping and castle gazing.  Alas, since I used up all my vacation time for this last trip, I have no immediate plans to go anywhere exciting, although a trip to San Francisco is order for next month.

We had one more day at sea in between Helsinki and Stockholm, but I neglected to mention the one thing of note that happened in that day at sea.   Almost every night we would eat in one of the dining rooms (a girl could get used to having four course dinners every night, but certainly not the waistline) and there are windows placed around the room.  Because they’re on the lower levels, the windows show about 30% of the ocean and where the horizon lies.  (So if the window was a glass filled with water, it would be “filled” less than halfway.)

On our night out at sea, I was sitting at the table and felt my body shift sideways, more so than usual.  As I wondered if no one else was feeling that way, I saw that the water in my glass was shifting noticeably and then I noticed people looking out the window.  That 30% had become about 80%- and I thought “well that can’t be good.”  Though nothing fell or spilled on our table, a food cart did shift enough so that it slid and crashed into a podium.  Nobody screamed or began to panic, but several people did rush to the windows in concern, but my parents reassured us that since the waiting staff weren’t freaked out, we had nothing to worry about.  Sure enough, the ship righted itself and the rest of the evening passed uneventfully.  Although we did see cracks in glass cabinets around the ship and overheard the stewards talking about all the broken dishes…The captain went on to say over the loudspeaker later that we had to make an unexpected turn (details weren’t given, but whatever he said sounded vaguely like they were blaming the local Russian pilot.)  Not very exciting in the grand scheme of things, but it did make me think about the Costa Concordia and all those unfortunate people.

Anyways, back to more cheerful topics.  Instead of flying directly home when our ship anchored in Copenhagen, we decided to stay one extra day.  We had a great hotel right by the river, and from there we hopped on a city cruise that passed by, among other things, the Little Mermaid statue, the Royal Family’s palace, those beautiful and colorful houses you always see in tourist books with boats lined up in front, and the world’s best restaurant (not my title.)

Afterwards, we did a LOT of walking, as we visited Rundetårn, climbing to the top of the observatory to view the city- because horses and carriages used to go to the top, the inside is one long spiral ramp rather than staircases, which makes it a lot easier to climb up and works out your buns too!  We also stopped by Rosenborg Slot (aka Castle) where we saw royal jewels, the eccentric collections of rich rulers, beautiful gardens, and a wall covered in a huge family tree (I died.)

Last but not least, we visited the famed Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park tucked into the middle of the city.  Before that, we stopped by Wagamama, which is a European quasi-Asian restaurant chain.  We discovered it in London and we love going there (mostly because the name is funny and we can count on it for fairly decent faux-Asian food.)  Copenhagen, however, is a super expensive city, and four bowls of noodles cost us over $100. Ouch.

Tivoli Gardens is, for lack of a better word, bizarre.  Maybe I’m too used to the manicured perfection of Disneyland, but TG looked as if someone had a drug-induced dream in which Wonderland, Asia, and Disneyland all came together to create a theme park of weird proportions.  Parts of it were beautiful- the gardens, for instance, and the hanging lanterns everywhere.  But mostly it was weird.  Not bad weird, just very random and nonsensical.  I guess I like my theme parks neat and orderly, a la Disney.  We didn’t pay extra to ride anything, but the rides seemed fun, if a bit tame.

And that, my friends, is the end of this trip recap- hope you enjoyed reading about the anecdotes and viewing the pictures!  Until the next big adventure, I guess I’ll return to blogging about boring things like books and music and fashion and food.   And dreaming about my next big trip- summer 2013 is on my mind!  It’s my brother’s graduation from high school, so who knows where we’ll go…

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