Mac & Cheese

I’m going to stop trying to figure out the weather, as it’s cold one day and hot the next and now the winter winds are kicking up.  I used to really enjoy the sound of strong winds, until last winter when it knocked out the power in our house for three days.  I just have to keep my closet stocked with summery dresses and winter sweaters (although tights are always a nice accessory to help carry over thinner dresses into the autumn season.)

I haven’t posted any food-related posts lately, but luckily I have just the thing to break my dry spell- baked macaroni and cheese, mmmm.  Mac & cheese is one of things that elementary school ruined for me (for a while.)  My cafeteria was definitely not the worse eatery around, but it didn’t do some things very well.  Like mac & cheese.  Pretty sure it came out of a box (no offense to any Kraft lovers) as it was the color of a Cheeto and tasted like chewy glue.  At least my younger self thought so.  Anyways, I refused to eat it for the longest time and it finally took a homecooked version to convince my taste buds that mac & cheese is a delicious dish.

My friend & former housemate used to make this recipe and I am very happy she gave me the recipe she used, as it made for a very happy family over the weekend.

Gooey and crispy and crunchy and cheesy goodness, all smushed into one pan.  God, I’m salivating just thinking about it.

I had to make do with Colby Jack cheese instead of Sharp Cheddar like the recipe called for because our stash of orange cheese had turned into an appetizing white and green medley of mold (since I obviously check to see if we have all the proper ingredients when I cook/bake), but the taste didn’t change too much.  It was a little more mild in taste and creamier in texture, but overall nothing too dramatic.


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