Happy Halloween!

I am one of those people who is entirely indifferent to Halloween.  My family doesn’t really eat a lot of candy, so when we were younger, my brother and I would go our trick-or-treating, come home and admire our candy, and then maybe eat one or two pieces.  It is a running gag in my house that although you might find tasty candy/goodies on the counter, there is no saying how old it is.  (Most of my friends have been warned at some point while they’ve been to my house as they pick up a piece of candy- “Just warning you, I have no idea how old it is!”)  I know, what kind of kid doesn’t gorge themselves on candy at Halloween?  It’s not that I dislike candy, but in general it just tastes too processed and saccharine for me.  A candy-binge for me is like 3 pieces in a day.  Give me my savory and salty, please!

When I was little, dressing up was fun, and then I hit my teenage years, when I thought Halloween was for little kids, and then I hit adulthood, where putting on cat ears can actually count as a costume.  Or you can forgo it altogether and no one will look down on you, although they will probably give you funny looks if you go to a party dressed in normal clothes.  (Although I’m sure somewhere out there, there is a man with a handlebar mustache, a red cap and shirt, and blue overalls, who might never know that there is a little game character that dresses just like him that goes by the name of Mario.)

This time last year, I was returning from China and almost completely forgot about Halloween.  Ah, to be unemployed and able to just go to China for two weeks.  Except now it won’t be so easy, since China introduced new visa requirements where Americans (and other nationalities) have to be “invited” by a host in China if they’re not on a tour or similarly organized trips (like work).  Basically, unlike my trip last year, I can’t just hop on a plane to China whenever I feel like it.  You need to get an invitation by a host (relative, friend, whatever.)  Which sucks, because as you well know, I get random cravings to go back and stuff my face with delicious food get in touch with my roots.

No exciting plans for this year’s Halloween (because I’m lame like that and too lazy to think up a creative and/or cute costume.)  No tricks, either, but definitely some treats 🙂  I’ve been long overdue for some retail therapy, and I definitely did some damage this past weekend.  Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures with my new pieces soon and you can see the prettiness of it all.  (I was drawn to lots of jewel tones, possibly because they are sadly lacking in my closet.  Think royal blue, forest green, and magenta.)

Stay safe, be healthy, make good choices!


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