San Francisco & Pumpkin Cookies

Back from my weekend trip up north and missing my friends like crazy already. But, there is one simple reason why I do not visit the Bay Area (San Francisco, for those of you non-California folks) more often, even though I love all my friends up there and wish I could see them more than once every few months. The weather is WAY too cold. And yes, even though I went to school in the north, I still consider anything below 70 degrees to be cold. Below 60 = freezing.

Of course, cold weather didn’t stop me from going out and about in the city and celebrating a friend’s birthday, though it made me very appreciative of the weather at home. Like that fact that I don’t have to wear 100 layers before going outside. And although I love having easy access to public transportation that can take me everywhere, I don’t appreciate having to walk 10 blocks up a hill to get back to the apartment (that’s just me being lazy- I haven’t run in over a month!!! Eeek- I gotta get somewhat back in shape so I can gain all the weight again come holiday time.)

Also, on an unrelated tangent, I spent too long at Sunday brunch with my cousin and cubby (see this post for definition of a cubby) and had to rush through the airport. (Why is it that every time you are late for a flight/transferring to another plane your gate is ALWAYS at the other end of the building?) Luckily a nice family let me cut the really long security line and I was wearing somewhat fashionable outfit (royal blue pajama shirt, black skinny jeans and black boots) to make up for the fact that I was that girl who ran through the terminal with hair flying, shoes half on, and sunglasses askew as she dashed onto the plane with 5 minutes to spare. I was definitely a hot mess.

At least cold weather means I can bake cookies and fill the house with their yummy scent and soft chewy goodness. For an office potluck, pumpkin cookies were requested and though I’ve never made them before, that has never stopped me from trying! Being the lazy baker I am, I kind of approximated the amount of some ingredients in order to accommodate lack of others, but I still think it tasted just fine, and I got plenty of compliments.

I used this recipe mostly because I just searched for something that looked really easy really yummy. I made two servings, but I’m glad I only made one serving of the glaze because it was more than enough to cover all the cookies- I’m not sure who would need to make double the amount of glaze- I guess if you wanted to completely frost your cookies, but then I’d rather just make actual frosting. The batter itself was very sticky (could be because I cut back a little on the butter in the hopes that I would be slightly healthier) so after a few failed attempts of using my hands to mould the cookies, I ended up using two spoons to scrape the dough together. An alternative and equally messy method would be to coat your hands in oil to keep the dough from clinging to your hands, but that seemed too bothersome for me. (I like to do things the easy way out, remember?)

When the cookies came out of the oven, I was slightly alarmed as they puffed up greatly and it looked like I had baked biscuits instead of cookies, but after they spent the night cooling, a lot of the air that had been puffed up in the pumpkin puree deflated the cookies, returning them to a somewhat more manageable size.

My pictures don’t do the cookies justice, but I have never been one to take photos as I’m baking/cooking. I don’t have the patience to make sure the lighting perfectly highlights the golden tint of the pumpkin and arrange cookies artfully on a plate. If that’s you, more power to you. I salute your powers of patience. Me, I’m more eager to finish the product and then commence eating 🙂

And yes, I realize that my cookies’ glaze looked like someone took a whiteout pen and scribbled all over them but cut me some slack- this was my first real attempt at dribbling glaze in an artful pattern! Besides, everyone knows that your food will never look as good as the ones in the book. 😉 (It’s actually kind of gross, the tricks food photographers use when they photograph dishes and such for books/magazines/articles.)


10 thoughts on “San Francisco & Pumpkin Cookies

  1. Aww I miss you too, Asheyyyy! Thank you so much for coming up and celebrating with me! ‘Twas muy divertido 🙂 Also, pumpkin cookies are bomb. The ones I made that one time you came up for our autumn dinner also expanded to scone-sized mounds. 😉

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