Feeling Blue

Last week I didn’t post because I was feeling blue- lots of small things built up and snowballed into a giant tummy-twisting knot of anxiety and frustration.  In the grand scheme of things, they were very minor.  Nobody was hurt, I did not lose anything significant, and I woke up in the morning the same person.  But once in a while you can’t help but feel sorry for yourself, so that’s what I did.  I wallowed around in self-pity for a bit, and then my wonderful friends and family helped me get on with my life.

And then I heard about the horrific shootings that occurred today in an elementary school in Connecticut, killing several children and adults and that (obviously) laid my insignificant complaints in the dust.

I’m not going to go on about gun control, because there are plenty of people online battling it out online, and I’m not one to throw myself into an internet brawl.  The world doesn’t need more people arguing when they should be offering comfort and support to those affected.

It’s sad now how so many people, emboldened by the relative anonymity the internet provides, go out and troll people for anything and everything.  More often than not, any site where comments are allowed usually have at least 2-3 users battling out over something that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.  (In fact, I’ve ceased to read YouTube video comments as I know that it will be a stupid argument over a trivial matter.)

This is the holiday season- we should be celebrating peace and harmony, not mourning the loss of innocent lives.  This incident and the other recent shootings puts into perspective once more at how easily a life can be taken, and how trivial other matters are compared to such a tragedy.

Though I don’t normally incorporate current news in my posts (simply because I am not terribly eloquent in writing responses to events and I don’t post often enough to keep up) I felt that writing my typically breezy post would be doing a disservice to those who are suffering.


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