2013 Goals

Setting resolutions for a new year and keeping them has usually never been a strong suit of mine; not to say that it’s impossible for me to keep to goals (if that were the case, I’d probably never get anything done) but I set pretty soft ones which allows for a lot of wiggle room.  I did, however, keep to last year’s resolutions pretty well, considering my poor track record.

But I am absolutely determined, among other goals, to finish a piece of fiction this year.  I’ve been a pseudo-aspiring writer since middle school, but my problem is that I dream up many many stories with a fleshed out beginning and/or ending, but the middle is always slow going.  But no more excuses for me, it’s going to happen.  Whether it be a novel or a short story (I suspect it will probably be the latter), I just want to finish something.  The only other work I’ve ever finished was a terrible short story in elementary school that was a complete rip off of Gone With The Wind– I basically changed names and locations…and had severely shortened plot line that I can’t really recall in great detail.  I’m fairly certain it was a standard boy + girl who meet, have a misunderstanding, then reconcile and make up.

I’d like to think that my writing has gotten more sophisticated and original since then- at the very least, I know my essays for school were since I would be slapped with a big fat F if I was ever caught plagiarizing.  I’m also going to try and be more open to sharing my work as most of my life I’ve been highly reluctant to let others glance at it.  The only person who’s ever read my main canonical work is my little brother, and that’s only because he stole into my room and stole my manuscript (as little brothers are wont to do.)  On the plus side, he didn’t totally pan it, which was a pleasant surprise as my work is mostly fantasy and he’s not a huge fan of the genre.

Other lofty goals include planning another foreign adventure (I’ve yet to visit South America or Africa!) and running a mile under 9 minutes (a VERY lofty goal for me), brushing up on my Mandarin and Japanese (the latter will probably involve more of a complete re-learn, as I’ve regretfully neglected my Rosetta for the last few months), and teaching my cats to fetch.  That last one might be more of a wish than a plausible goal.


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