The Last Stand

Last night I attended an early screening of the upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger action/Western movie The Last Stand, also co-starring Johnny Knoxville and Forrest Whitaker.  I have to admit, the main allure of attending the event was not getting to see a movie for free before it shows in theaters (though the cheap Asian in me always appreciates free things).  The main draw for me was getting to see in person (again!) the handsome and talented Daniel Henney, who also stars in the movie (although without a doubt the main character is Arnold.)

Not going to lie, the movie was a bit intense for me.  One would think that seeing my brother happily blow up zombies on his computer would lessen my distaste for blood (real or fake) but that is not the case.  This movie had the usual car racing (with some pretty nifty driving), comedic moments, hot chicks, etc etc but the violence was pretty gory.  Like you see people get blown up at close range and have their body parts rain down gory.  Which is fine and dandy for those who can stomach watching such stuff.  Thankfully, I’m pretty good at anticipating when to close my eyes to avoid seeing people explode.  Hearing the chorus of “oh shit!” and “ewwww” accompanying aforementioned gory scenes was enough for me.

The movie was directed by a famous Korean director, Kim Ji-woon, who is acclaimed in South Korea and abroad for his work.  Watching the film and knowing that the director wasn’t fluent in English made me see the film through different eyes, namely- how would I, a foreign director, direct an English-speaking cast in a movie with its references to 80’s action flicks and Western movies?  How would my interpretation of the work translate to native English speakers? The choices he made- the timing of comedic lines, action sequences, car chases, etc. etc. were interesting.  If anyone else sees it I’d love to know your thoughts.   Also, this is supposed be to a “comeback” of sorts for Arnold.  He’s still in great shape and can probably take down anyone he wishes to- but he’s looking old.  Like really old.  All in all, though I probably wouldn’t normally pay money to see this movie (again, that’s just me being cheap too chicken to see people get shot at), I’d recommend it to anyone who likes fast cars, lots of guns, and an easy to follow plot that doesn’t require one to ponder the meaning of life.

I managed to snag a photo with the godlike Mr. Henney before he was whisked off (you may recall my previous failed attempt) and now I can happily fangirl over this photo for all of time.  Though work I’ve interacted with (or seen) my fair share of celebrities (some not as famous as they’d like to believe) and I rarely get as starstruck as I did with Daniel Henney (somehow it seems too casual if I just call him Daniel.)  He was a genuinely nice guy who patiently took photos with as many of his fans as he could, and it didn’t hurt that he isn’t bad on the eyes either 😉  Call me smitten.


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