Crazy for Kishi Bashi

I’ve tried writing this post about three different times, but every time I started, I got distracted/uninspired and so I stopped, letting this poor post languish in unpublished obscurity.  I wish I could boast about the beautiful Southern California weather, but alas, it is rainy and gloomy here all weekend, although it was a beautiful 80 degrees only a few days ago.

Instead, I’ll gush over a new musical discovery, though I’m punching myself for not discovering him sooner.  You know how sometimes you hear a song and you kind of like it, so you ignore it but decide to give it another shot and end up loving it?  This is what happened with me for Kishi Bashi (the stage name of Kaoru Ishibashi), a Japanese-American musician wunderkind.  Though he is a founding member of the band Jupiter One and tours with Regina Spektor and of Montreal, I’m just talking about his solo endeavors here.  He employs the looping technique (wherein you take snippets of sounds and layer them), creating lush mini-symphonies with only his own voice and instruments.  Another looping artist that comes to mind whom I also adore is Imogen Heap, who really should collaborate with Kishi Bashi.  I’d love to hear the crazy, mind-bending loops they’d come up with…

You may have heard his song “Bright Whites” in a Windows 8 commercial but it was perusing the NPR Tiny Desk Concert series that I came across this beautiful, haunting concert he performed last year.  Do yourself a favor and listen.  Even if the music isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can’t help but be awed at the way he is able to create and loop so many themes, layering them all on top of each other to create pieces that are breathtaking and so blended that you can scarcely believe he creates it all in real-time as he goes along.  Listen to Kishi Bashi perform “Improvisation/Atticus, in the Desert”; “Bright Whites”, and “I Am The Antichrist To You.”  I’ve been listening to it on loop (pun intended) all day. And then go look at the outfit I that I was inspired to create as I was listening to it.


5 thoughts on “Crazy for Kishi Bashi

    • Yeah, when I was first getting into KB I saw Andrew Bird’s name being thrown around. Listened and loved him too, but KB will probably always hold #1 place in my heart for loopy musicians (well, tied with Imogen Heap). 🙂

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