Untitled #7

I’m still dedicated to my Flash Fiction writing project (see my last post for details) but wouldn’t you know- as soon as I get inspired and churn out a story in a miraculous two days, I get stumped on the next one.  I won’t spoil the word for you, but rest assured it is definitely not an item people usually discuss (get your minds out of the gutter because it is as far away from a dirty word as words could possibly get!)

Thank goodness I discovered a new source of distraction inspiration.  If you have a card with the LA County Library system, you can use your card to legally download free music with a system called Freegal (rhymes with legal)!  They’ve got a huge library (I thought I died and went to heaven when saw all those Broadway soundtracks) but they’ve also got an agreement with Sony Music, so they’ve got pretty recent stuff like Justin Timberlake’s new single “Suit and Tie.”  Only catch is that you’re limited to three songs per week- a mildly annoying rule that is tolerable when you consider the huge amount of music that is ripe for the listening.  Go here to access the site.  Other libraries are also partnered with Freegal, but you’ll have to check your library’s homepage to see.  I’ve already planned out a month’s worth of downloads 🙂

I’m kind of particular about my music.  Other people use subscription-based services like Spotify, where you can stream all your music and not have to worry about buying/storing them.  This doesn’t work for me.  For one, they are painfully low on Asian music (and probably other foreign music as well, though I haven’t checked.)  Also, I’m kind of a borderline hoarder/fanatical collector when it comes to my songs.  I only add songs I know I love to my iTunes library (yes, all 2,000+!  I can say with confidence that probably 80-85% of my music I can recognize and name after hearing a few seconds) and I catalog them very carefully.  For instance, it really bothers me if I don’t have the cover art for an album, I HATE having duplicate songs, and of course misspellings are forbidden.  But that’s just me being OCD about my music.

Sorry for being rather uninspired this post, I hope to have my next Flash Fiction story up next time, which will be sooner than this post, I promise!  No more Downton Abbey to take up my late Sunday nights (at least until Game of Thrones comes back next month!).


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