Wanderer Returned

And just like that, my blissful 2 week sojourn around the Mediterranean and Adriatic has come to an end.  People have been asking me for photos since the day I’ve been back; patience, good friends!  We took a couple thousand photos, it’s going to take me some time to cull through them all to find the best ones (and ones where I don’t look a hot mess because believe me- it was hot.)

In the meantime, some highlights and thoughts:

-If I was in a post-apocalyptic world, running from aliens/terrorists/swarms of killer bees, I would pick a taxi driver as my companion.  I don’t know how they do it.  They drive with reckless abandon of a teenage driver and the skill of a stunt car driver and the reflexes of a cat.

– Going to Dubrovnik, Croatia where they film Game of Thrones (King’s Landing, if you know the show) was pretty geek-tastic for me.  Counting the days until Season 4 begins…likewise, visiting the Parthenon in Athens was a lifetime wish fulfilled as well, though it was so hot and crowded up there, it probably made my visit shorter than I would have wished.

– In some parts of Europe, you binge-tour palaces filled with gold and brocade and fine china.  In this part of Europe, I toured my fill of ancient ruins and perfectly preserved mosaics with colors so bright and beautiful that they look like they had been made by machine and cemented in yesterday.

– There were tons of stray cats and dogs, mostly in Greece and Turkey.  The cats were all skinny but didn’t have that starved look in their eye.  The dogs all seemed to be the size of small ponies and all sleeping in identical positions in the middle of busy walkways.  I think we might have taken more pictures of animals than of ourselves.

– Favorite city I visited was (no surprise) Venice.  It had this otherworldly beauty about it; the old buildings with wooden doorsteps slick with salt water; the crowded hubbub of St. Mark’s Square; the wind whipping through your hair as you take the water taxi (also known as a vaparetto), the gondoliers singing through the canals and young lovers lingering on steps and bridges.  It’s almost enough to make you forget that the entire city is still sinking into the ocean.  I hope they’re able to salvage some of the buildings, it would be a pity to let them sink to the bottom of the ocean (though maybe the fish have been craving an underwater palace.)

– The food was of course incredible.  I ate too much feta cheese and seafood and gelato.  I have no regrets though.  NO REGRETS AT ALL.

I promise I’ll post some pictures soon; up next- Venice!  (To see some photos I posted on Instagram, click on the link at the bottom of this page!)


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