The Paleo Diet

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  It’s been 5 days since I last posted and I already felt sad and empty.

I spent a restful weekend with my cousin and her hubby (Cousin-in-law sounds too formal; can I call him “cubby” for short?) and their two cats.  I indulged in my inner fangirl and went to the J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco’s J-Town.  No, I didn’t dress up (though I have a cousin who is pretty excellent at making her own costumes for events such as these) but it was fun to watch all the festival-goers who had on their outfits and wigs on.  Mostly I just noshed on delicious food from the food trucks like Chairman Bao (their pork sandwiches melt in your mouth!) and Onigilly. And squealed at the overabundance of super cute things for sale.

My cousin and cubby are on the Paleo diet, wherein one tries to emulate the diet and exercise lifestyle of our ancient ancestors.  I won’t go into the fine details, especially since I’m sure I’ll miss some vital points and misrepresent the whole cause, but I did learn what you can and can’t eat, which includes eating food that’s natural and developed prior to agricultural revolution.  I totally agree with the first part; putting strange chemicals whose names you can’t pronounce in your body never sounds like a great idea.  But nothing post-agricultural revolution?  That means NO BREAD (i.e. today’s wheat products are a result of the revolution in mass production/processing/marketing of wheat) ?  Oh hellz no.

I have had a long love affair with starch, and I don’t think the passion will die anytime soon.  I love it all; baguette, ciabatta, naan, croissant; the smell and taste of freshly baked bread is heaven on earth.  I’ve been known to devour a whole loaf in one sitting (though it was a small loaf!)  My most favorite food in the entire world is noodles.  I could not live a life sans noodles.  It just wouldn’t work out.

I’m pretty sure if I was denied starch, I would probably be skinnier, but I also would have violent tendencies to hurt anyone I see eating starch.  So the Paleo Diet is a no-go for me.

But maybe it might work for you!  My cousin and cubby have both lost weight on it and say they feel less tired, less hungry (and therefore less inclined to munch on snacks during the day), and because the Paleo Diet also encompasses lifestyle choices as well (like using natural products around the house), they feel happy knowing they’re helping out the planet.

If I wasn’t such a starch-addict, I feel like this could be the one diet/lifestyle I could actually follow.