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I was somehow persuaded to get up at the crack of dawn (aka 7 AM) the other morning to go jogging with a friend. It was mostly the fact that I was going to spend time with a friend I don’t see too often that got my fat ass out of bed (albeit not without some prodding from my father and three alarms.) Losing weight/getting in shape is also of course another reason why I went (and why I am somehow getting up early again tomorrow to run again.)

My friend is at the beginning stages of training for a half-marathon, so we gave ourselves the goal of three miles. Well, it may come as no surprise to you that I could not run the whole 3 miles without stopping a few times to walk, but I somehow managed to run the first mile without stopping. This is probably not a very big deal to most people (and it really shouldn’t be for me, seeing as I am supposed to be in the peak of my physical abilities) but since I don’t remember the last time I’ve run a whole mile, it was a welcome surprise that morning. Even in high school, which is when I would wager I was the most fit of my life thus far, I never was able to run a whole mile without stopping.

Of course, it was probably a number of factors that kept my feet moving. I wanted to keep pace with my friend, who was already holding back for me, and I also have this weird thing where I don’t want people to see me stop, so I will only stop and huff and puff when nobody sees me. Oh yes, and the fact that at times I was running slower than the senior citizens doing their morning walks. I was also quite possibly still half-asleep.

For most of my life I have been blessed with relatively fast metabolism, but alas, no longer- I can’t eat ice cream for dinner and not see the consequences in my gut. So I am gradually incorporating morning runs into my life, taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, rejecting another bowl of rice, etc. because I’ll probably regret it later in life if I let myself go now. That and I don’t really want to spend money buying a whole new wardrobe with clothes in bigger sizes. I’m poor enough as it is.

I’ve never been a big fan of long distance running (I was more of a sprinter when I was young) but there is something really nice about getting up before most people and having the streets to yourself. Of course, it doesn’t help that by nature I am a night owl- I am most productive around midnight, though the procrastinator within me often made me stay up through the night until 6 AM to write papers.

Summer Plans

I wanted to wait before everything was officially settled before telling you about my summer plans- I’m going on a cruise through Scandinavia and Russia!  For roughly 2 weeks, I’ll be going through Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Germany, and Russia (and Amsterdam too, if you count flight transfers).  I’m super excited because I’ve never been to that part of the world before, so it’s a brand new place to explore and fall in love with.  But you know me- I love traveling, and even though it’s been less than a year since I was in China (I’ve got plenty of blog posts on that if you haven’t read them) I’m ready to go globe-trotting again.  Of course, I know I can’t compare with the true world travelers (like the people that drift around from place to place, not tied down by jobs or families, or the folks that hop on jets to go to business meetings), but I am extremely fortunate to have been afforded so many wonderful opportunities to broaden my horizons and see what’s out there.

In other news, I ate out FOUR nights in a row this last week and I am thoroughly disgusted with myself.  In my defense, it just happened that my dinner dates with various people all happened around the same time, and I did eat relatively healthily for half of those nights.  The other two…not so much.  But, I had the BEST grilled cheese ever.  Grilled cheese is one of those things that is very hard to mess up- if you mess up two pieces of toasted bread and melted cheese, you need to get yourself to a cooking class, ASAP.  But this grilled cheese was different.  Imagine this, and tell me you aren’t drooling by the end.  Two generously sized waffles (with some herbs worked in), hold 4 types of cheese, tomato slices, chunks of avocado, and-wait for it- ONION RINGS.  Freaking onion rings.  It was so many of my favorite things in a sandwich, I was amazed I hadn’t come up with it myself.

Since the cruise is less than 45 days away (and I’ve been eating like a pig), I am putting myself on a strict dietary and exercise regime to at least make sure I won’t become a roly-poly and get laughed at by all the athletic, fit Scandinavians.  (Yes, that is my impression of those people- they are all tall and handsome and ridiculously fit.)

Last night I went with a friend to see a street concert by Grouplove, and if you ever needed a song to kick start your summer, here it is.  (I saw them open for Two Door Cinema Club last year and they are one of very few opening acts that I’ve actually bothered to find out more about.)  Just makes me want to get up and dance like nobody’s watching (then again, I could care less if anybody watches me)

Super What?

I am not a sporty person, it’s true.  It’s a sad fact, considering that right now I’m in the prime of my life and my body should be in the best shape it will ever be.  (I’m so sorry, future self.)  Thus, I hardly ever watch sports on the TV, including the Super Bowl.  Blink at me in disbelief and shock if you’d like (much more preferable to stoning or tomato-throwing), it won’t change my general indifference to the world of televised sports. Besides the fact that personally the only sports I like are generally solo endeavors, I think part of the reason I don’t like watching sports, especially huge events like the Super Bowl, is that it’s become about everything but the sports.  Call me old-fashioned, but I can do without the expensive commercials and halftime show (that usually features a nip slip or a missed middle finger) and cheerleaders in skimpy outfits, thanks.  If I want to watch good sports, give me the Olympics.  What can be more thrilling than watching the best athletes in the world compete with the pressure of an entire nation on their shoulders? Not much else, my friends.

I actually correctly predicted the winner of the Super Bowl (well, I had a 50% chance of getting it right- so what?).  My basis of choosing the victor was not based on stats and history and whatever else people use to predict things like this, but on the theory that New York is part of New England, so New York winning is kinda like New England winning. Though I’m pretty sure the Patriots don’t think of it like that.  Also because New England always sounds too vague of a locale for me to really root for.

My mother just invested in a nice camera so maybe, just maybe, I will be able to abscond with it for a few shots and post some decent pictures on here.  At the very least, if I post about food, I’ll actually make it look appetizing.  Mmmm, food.