East West

I used to post much more frequently than I currently do (read: when I was working up in my college town for a summer and spent too much time wandering around an empty house talking to microwaves and couches.)  You’d think that now, living back in LA and actually being somewhat social, I would do interesting things and y’know, actually write about them.  Apparently I’ve been a boring hermit for the last few months.

But behold!  A post that comes less than a week after my previous one!  (Everyone can applaud if they wish.  I know I certainly gave myself a pat on the back.)

Monday night was the annual fundraising gala for the East West Players, an LA-based Asian American theater group.  I got to see several Asian American celebs wandering around including John Cho (of Harold and Kumar fame and who got his start with the EWP), Steven Yeun (from The Walking Dead- his skin looks even better up close) and Harry Shum Jr. (I finally got a picture with the latter- swoon).

Envious folks commented on my luck on Facebook, and though it might seem like I live some sort of glamorous life, hangin’ out with all these celebs, it’s important to remember two things.  1) Being in LA drastically increases your odds of seeing a celebrity.  If you’re in the Hollywood area, chances are even higher.  It is actually quite easy to do some star spotting if you know where to look.  2) There are not many Asian Americans in the American entertainment industry (relative to people of other ethnic backgrounds), so when you have Asian American talent being honored at an event, there is a relatively small pool to pick from.  So regardless of how famous they are to public as a whole, they are at least well known to the Asian American audience that is eagerly keeping track of any Asian person in the industry.  Also, the Asian American entertainment community is still small enough so that if you know someone in it, you’re probably only 1-2 degrees separated from a celeb.

I love what EWP does and I love the opportunities and chances they give to Asian American talent, who otherwise might find it very hard to find work.  Having lived the entirety of my life in California, I sometimes forget that Asian Americans are not a majority/significant minority in most of the country, since I’m almost always around Asians.  So while a Southern California high school might be 40% Asian, that might not be the case for a school in the Mid West (so obviously a TV show that takes place in South Dakota probably won’t have a lot of Asian characters.)  But a movie taking place in LA?  Asians don’t just live in Chinatown and Little Tokyo, y’all.  But I do have to remind myself Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Slowly but surely there will be more visible Asian Americans in the industry (just like those three handsome gentlemen I mentioned earlier.)

ALSO- I finally got to wear a dress that’s been sitting in my closet forever- a glorious scarlet silk dress that belonged to my mother in the 80s.  Once I took out those shoulder pads, I was good to go with my slightly puffy Snow White sleeves.  People, never throw away anything because eventually fashions come back and/or you get to a point in your life where you don’t care if it’s “hip”- you just wear it because you like it.  As long as you have the confidence to rock something, do it.  Life is too short to care if someone thinks your dress is outdated or not.  Macklemore’s got nothing on me- I’ve been stealing things from my grandmother and my mom since I was like 8.


Happy Halloween!

I am one of those people who is entirely indifferent to Halloween.  My family doesn’t really eat a lot of candy, so when we were younger, my brother and I would go our trick-or-treating, come home and admire our candy, and then maybe eat one or two pieces.  It is a running gag in my house that although you might find tasty candy/goodies on the counter, there is no saying how old it is.  (Most of my friends have been warned at some point while they’ve been to my house as they pick up a piece of candy- “Just warning you, I have no idea how old it is!”)  I know, what kind of kid doesn’t gorge themselves on candy at Halloween?  It’s not that I dislike candy, but in general it just tastes too processed and saccharine for me.  A candy-binge for me is like 3 pieces in a day.  Give me my savory and salty, please!

When I was little, dressing up was fun, and then I hit my teenage years, when I thought Halloween was for little kids, and then I hit adulthood, where putting on cat ears can actually count as a costume.  Or you can forgo it altogether and no one will look down on you, although they will probably give you funny looks if you go to a party dressed in normal clothes.  (Although I’m sure somewhere out there, there is a man with a handlebar mustache, a red cap and shirt, and blue overalls, who might never know that there is a little game character that dresses just like him that goes by the name of Mario.)

This time last year, I was returning from China and almost completely forgot about Halloween.  Ah, to be unemployed and able to just go to China for two weeks.  Except now it won’t be so easy, since China introduced new visa requirements where Americans (and other nationalities) have to be “invited” by a host in China if they’re not on a tour or similarly organized trips (like work).  Basically, unlike my trip last year, I can’t just hop on a plane to China whenever I feel like it.  You need to get an invitation by a host (relative, friend, whatever.)  Which sucks, because as you well know, I get random cravings to go back and stuff my face with delicious food get in touch with my roots.

No exciting plans for this year’s Halloween (because I’m lame like that and too lazy to think up a creative and/or cute costume.)  No tricks, either, but definitely some treats 🙂  I’ve been long overdue for some retail therapy, and I definitely did some damage this past weekend.  Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures with my new pieces soon and you can see the prettiness of it all.  (I was drawn to lots of jewel tones, possibly because they are sadly lacking in my closet.  Think royal blue, forest green, and magenta.)

Stay safe, be healthy, make good choices!


Although I was super excited to enjoy the hot summer weather, it seems June gloom has turned into July Nature Looks Like It Wants To Cry (it’s kind of hard to find something weather-related that rhymes with July).  Well, that didn’t stop me from making the best batch of Sangria I’ve ever made this weekend.  I’d share with you the recipe I used, but of course I can’t find it…and I didn’t really follow the recipe, like normal.  But most recipes online use about the same ratio of ingredients, so it’s really just a matter of personal taste.  But trust me when I say that the simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) is necessary- it adds that needed kiss of sweetness to the drink.

I’ll just show you a picture and let you marvel at my bartending skills:

Delicious-looking, isn’t it?

Anyways, drinking sangria and savoring what little warm weather we had this weekend just inspired me to draw up an outfit reminiscent of summertime, Spain, poolside parties, etc.  White and bright colors always look crisp and fresh and for once I didn’t pick pieces that are way too expensive and out of my budget.