Being Sick Sucks

Of course as soon as I proudly boasted that I was Zumba-ing my way to a healthier body, I come down with a cold.  Of course.  Not a life-threatening illness that renders me unable to move, but annoying enough so that rocking out to my favorite high intensity salsa has me coughing out a lung and wimping out from “exhaustion.”  So this post is going to be all about me whining about how much being sick sucks (not that anyone needs to be told that.)

If you ever read my DC blog, you might remember that out of the 10 weeks I was there, my roommate and I took turns getting sick for 9 of those weeks.  It probably had something to do with the fact that our small room had recycled air full of viruses, the fact that I wasn’t used to living and commuting in a dense city like DC, and that I got a flu shot for the first (and only) time.  I was sick so often, I actually forgot what it was like to not be sick. I still feel bad for our other suitemates; they also got sick, but not nearly as much as my roommate and I did.  I wonder how many nights I kept them up as I wandered around the hallway, failing to smother my coughing…Sadly, having a common cold is not enough to justify me not going to work/class, but it’s a good enough excuse for me to put my exercise on a temporary hiatus.

I haven’t written a list of three in such a long time, so I figured today’s post could use a dose of 3:

3 Things Medical(ish) Things About Me:

  • I get really trippy dreams on cough syrup (when taken in legal dosage amounts; I’m not getting high in the bathroom, folks!) and have on occasion hallucinated. No joke. Once I dreamt/believed that there were invisible people on my bed out to get my dad.  Though I could not see them, I woke up and told my dad to get out of my room to safety.  He looked at me like I was crazy and told me to go back to sleep.
  • I had scarlet fever when I was really young.  Yeah, that disease that is pretty rare nowadays and has a vaccine?  Yeah.  I had it.  I’m pretty hardcore like that.
  • Though I’m not a narcoleptic, I find it rather easy to fall asleep whenever I like.  I have been known to fall asleep while walking, standing, in the middle of a conversation…but probably the most unique place I have fallen asleep was while I was getting my cavities filled at the dentist’s office.  Some people hate the dentist and the drills and poking associated with them, but having gone through braces and all the hoopla involved with them has made the dentist seem pretty tame by comparison. I found the dentist’s chair a pretty relaxing place to take a snooze…they later had to use mouth pieces to prop my mouth open when I slept so they could continue working!


Musical Association

Today’s a shorter post, but hopefully there’s no shortage of insights on the wonderfully mysterious world that is my mind.  One of my readers suggested (more like insisted) that I write about crafts on my blog, that I am not crafty enough.  To this I say: have you actually ever seen me doing anything involving glue, glitter, and/or felt in the last few years that was for a project I invented and decided to execute, just for the fun of it?  No.

Truthfully, I’m not terribly creative when it comes to handicrafts.  I learned how to knit (twice) and have forgotten how both times, I can only do basic sewing by hand like altering and mending, and I can cut simple snowflakes and paper lanterns.  That’s it.  Though I can make a mean balloon dog, but that’s not exactly crafty.  I promise you, this blog would die a swift and painful death if I tried blogging about my crafting experiments.  So nay to a crafts entry.

But onto something I do like, and that’s music!  When I like a song/album, I really like it.  Like listening to it nonstop for hours liking.  But usually that’s only when I stayed up all night writing a paper (due the next day, of course- old habits die hard).  I need music to keep me awake and focused when I’m up at 4 AM, and I don’t want to be bothered with skipping songs I’m not in the mood to listen to.  Sites like are a godsend to me because it simply puts on a favorite song and continuously repeats it.

Sometimes when I go travelling, I get hooked on a particular album, and I’ll listen to it for the majority of my trip.  And then that album becomes forever connected to that place in my mind.  Off the top of my head, I can think of three such musical associations (and I swear I didn’t just pick three to keep it consistent with the rest of my lists!)

3 Album-Location Associations

1. Alaska 2005- Employment by Kaiser Chiefs

2. Kau’ai 2006 (and a little bit of China 2007)- Under the Iron Sea by Keane

3. Spain 2011- Music for Men by Gossip

Dunno why they struck my fancy at the time, but they did.  So now whenever I hear any song from these albums, my mind immediately conjures up memories from these trips.

National Book Week (and I like sentences)

I was planning on blogging about music this time, since based on my entry history it seems that all I ever do is read (so not true). Music is a HUGE part of my life.

But I saw on some people’s Facebook statuses that apparently, it’s National Book Week. I didn’t know we had one (what a good English major I am). Apparently, you have to go to the book nearest to you, go to page 56 and write out the 5th sentence as part of your status. Well, I usually don’t do “chain” statuses but I thought it was a fun little thing, so I decided to report my findings here. Except I’m going to be different and do several books, because why not?

These books just happened to be in a stack near me, all from the same class with the topic of “identity tourism.” I started counting from the first full sentence on the page (aka I didn’t count an incomplete sentence as #1). In a streak of rebelliousness, I picked four books, not three.

1. “Instead she was tuned in to a program in the Net of lights and shapes that formed on her closed eyes, vaguely watery, shimmering grays, greens, bronzes.”

2. “Loneliness, like the sea-breeze, blowing off from a thousand leagues of blankness, he did not find, as veteran soldiers do, if anything, too bracing.”

3. “They shoved me aside with a cry of “Sauve-toi, idiot!” (Google translator says: “Save yourself, idiot!”)

4. “About the time that Wilson was bowing the committee out, Pembroke Howard was entering the next house to report.”

It’s interesting to see the patterns emerge even in these four brief sentences:

  • Only one mentions character names.
  • Two use commas liberally. (My freshman roommate said I was comma-happy. I think that’s the difference between a history major and an English major- English majors use way more commas in papers. Or maybe history majors just need to loosen up a bit. Just kidding.)
  • Only one has dialogue.
Aren’t books awesome? I think so. Look at me, I’m geeking out over sentences. Actually, one of these books I couldn’t even finish halfway because the writing style was just so long and winded and in general, I’m not a huge fan of the author. But I do like the sentence that ended up being chosen- too bad I didn’t have the time to read that book a sentence a day.
Next post I promise I’ll write about music! I’m itching to share my summer playlist.